Top 10 Best 650cc Motorcycles to Buy | Tourer, Sports, Cruiser

Here is the list of Top10 best 650cc motorcycles that most people didn’t know about. I have included all kinds of bikes from all segments from adventure tourer, naked sports, cruiser, to super sports in this list.

This list is been selected precisely, taking every bit of things that a new rider requires and desires to be in his/her first 600cc bike. All the bikes in the list complete the criteria of BS6 emission norms. And all the tech specs, key features, and prices of the bikes are also mentioned.

10. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

In this list, this is the most affordable and accessible bike among others in this league, priced at 2,73,703 INR ex-showroom. Interceptor 650 gets all its power from Royal Enfield’s 648cc parallel-twin 4stroke air/oil-cooled engine, which produces up to 47bhp @7250rpm and max torque 52Nm @5250rpm.

Interceptor 650 is the only bike on the list with the most color options, up to 7 colors, and three variants offered by Royal Enfield. Interceptor 650’s upright handlebars enable riders for long rides and tours with comfortable riding positions and plush riding experience.

Who should Buy Interceptor 650?

The answer is simple, someone looking for retro design and reliability of Royal Enfield. There is no doubt that Interceptor is one of the best 650cc motorcycles that is rolled out Royal Enfield Factory. And it’s the best 650cc, to begin with.

Key Features of Bike

  • Classic Retro Design.
  • Twin Cylinder Engine.
  • Twin Exhaust System.
  • A lot of color options.

9. Royal Enfield Continental GT650

Royal Enfield Continental GT650

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 is powered by the same 648cc parallel-twin engine the same which powers the Interceptor 650, but with a different state of tune and done by Royal Enfield, which makes it the most powerful 650 among the RE family with 47bhp @7,250rpm and max torque of 52Nm @5,250rpm with the lighter body, offering up to 6 color options.

The change in-game that makes it different from Interceptor is its clip-on handlebars, footrest position, and riding position, making it a proper café racer that results in maximum aerodynamics and performance a price tag of 2,89,925 INR average ex-showroom.

Why buy Continental GT over Interceptor?

For someone who loves to go on the corner with their bikes and love a café racer design, with rear-set footrests, clip-on handlebars, carved fuel tank for tucking knees, and riding aggressively, they want to feel more connected, his/her bike should definitely go with Continental GT650.

Key Features of Bike

  • Café Racer Design.
  • Twin Cylinder Engine.
  • Twin Exhaust System.

8. Kawasaki Vulcan S

Kawasaki Vulcan S

Among all the bikes in this list, The Japanese brand’s Kawasaki Vulcan S is the only cruiser bike with a muscular design that distinguishes it from others.

Kawasaki Vulcan is powered by a 649cc DOHC liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine which throws power of 59bhp @7,500rpm and torque of 62Nm @6,600rpm. Kawasaki offers this bike at 6,04,000 INR ex-showroom. Vulcan offers riders a comfortable and plush ride with a smooth and responsive 649cc engine; at the end of the day, it’s a Japanese bike it has to be refined, with a slightly front set footrest and slightly sweptback handlebars towards the rider, which makes it so comfortable to ride.

Someone who loves cruising wants to be relaxed while riding and enjoying the roads. Kawasaki Vulcan S is made for them. With modern designed round headlamps, long and low stance 5 spoke cast wheels gives Vulcan S a non-traditional Cruiser look.

Key Features of Bike

  • Relaxed and Comfortable Riding Ergonomics.
  • Good Fuel Economy.
  • Low center of Gravity.
  • Smooth Engine.
  • Long Wheelbase.

7. Kawasaki Versys 650

Kawasaki Versys 650

Kawasaki Versys 650 is an adventure tourer bike offered by Kawasaki which gets the same engine which is shared with z650 and Ninja650 but with a different state of tuning done by Kawasaki, with long-travel suspension, more fuel carrying capacity, and long seat height allowing the rider with the commanding view and long travel comfort for those who love to explore new roads with their bike. Kawasaki Versys produces 65bhp @8,500rpm and max torque of 61Nm @7000rpm from its twin-cylinder engine. Kawasaki offers Versys 650 at a price tag of 7,08,000 INR ex-showroom.

Why should You Buy Kawasaki Versys 650?

The answer to this question is simple and clear Kawasaki Versys 650 is the most affordable 650cc adventure tourer bike in its segment. Its sharp and sporty styling elements, large windscreen, and 21l of fuel carrying capacity.

Key Features of Bike

  • 60mm Large Adjustable Windscreen.
  • Inverted Front Forks.
  • Comfortable Riding Ergonomics.
  • LED Headlamps and Tail Lamp.
  • 17” Wheels.

6. Kawasaki Z650

Kawasaki Z650

Kawasaki Z650 is the street fighter in the middleweight category, offering a max torque of 64Nm @6,500rpm, produced by a 649cc, liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine that generates 67bhp @8,000rpm. Z650 gets all its Sugomi styling similar to its bigger sibling-like Z800 and Z900.

Z650 is a traffic-friendly bike that is very good for a newbie rider equipped with LED headlamps and Kawasaki’s new TFT instrumental cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, which we see on other Kawasaki’s bigger bikes priced at 6,18,000 INR ex-showroom.

Kawasaki Z650 is the perfect bike for newbie riders with its smooth 650cc engine and superb handling capabilities in the traffic as it is a naked beast. It’s a perfect bike for the streets, traffic, and daily commuting requirements with adequate power.

Key Features of Bike

  • LED Headlamps and Taillight.
  • Kawasaki Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • TFT Color Instrument Cluster.
  • New Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport 2 Tyres.
  • Naked Sport Design.

5. Kawasaki Ninja 650

Kawasaki Ninja 650

Kawasaki Ninja 650 is a proper sports tourer bike with slightly upward set handlebars which doesn’t make it too aggressive in handling and gives a comfortable ride with the same 649cc engine that we see on other Kawasaki’s 600cc category bikes.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 gets a redesigned fairing with twin LED lamps similar to Ninja 400 and the mighty Ninja ZX6R with its sharper and meaner design. Ninja 650 develops a power of 67bhp and torque of 64Nm. Biker enthusiasts and youngsters are the ones the bike will mostly attract with the price of 6,54,000 INR ex-showroom.

Why Buy Kawasaki Ninja 650 over Z650?

Someone who doesn’t like naked sport and wants to be faired and the muscular bike can absolutely go with Ninja 650 as they both share the same engine, although being fully faired bike Ninja 650 will have lesser wind blast in high speed, thus resulting in more high-speed stability.

Key Features of Bike

  • Twin LED Headlamps and Tail Light.
  • Kawasaki Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • TFT Instrumental Cluster.
  • New Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport 2 Tyres.
  • Fully Faired Design.

4. Suzuki V-Storm 650XT

Suzuki V-Storm 650XT

Suzuki V-Storm 650XT is another Japanese middleweight adventure tourer bike on the list generating 70bhp and 62Nm with its 90-degree V-twin 645cc liquid-cooled engine accompanied by a 6-speed transmission. A semi-digital instrumental cluster and tubeless tire compatible with spoke wheels attract enthusiasts who love old retro analog speedometer design. Suzuki V Storm 650XT offers a fuel capacity of 20L, making it a great choice for long tours and rides. Suzuki offers V Storm 650XT at a price tag of 8,84,000 INR ex-showroom.

Why Buy V-Storm 650XT over Kawasaki Versys 650?

As they are both Japanese motorcycles, there is no doubt in terms of refinement and power delivery of both the bikes, the reason you should go with V-Storm 650XT is the extra 5bhp of power that you get in V-Storm 650XT, which you will really feel when the throttle is wide opened.

Key Features of Bike

  • V Twin 90-Degree Engine
  • Spoked Wheel
  • Large Fuel Tank
  • Comfortable Riding Ergonomics
  • Dual Spark Technology

3. Triumph Trident 660

Triumph Trident 660

Among all the bikes in this league, Triumph Trident, 660 is the newest in the market but don’t take it lightly; at the end of the day, it’s a Triumph. Triumph Trident is the latest middleweight street bike powered by a 660cc inline 3 engine which produces 80bhp @10,250rpm and max torque of 64Nm @6,250rpm. Priced at 6,95,000 INR. It’s the best British bike you could buy with great seating ergonomics and a traction control system.

With Triumph Trident striking good looks, superb handling, Triumph’s superior technology, and thrilling Triumph’s signature triple-cylinder technology, everybody is aware of its capability. If anyone is looking for a max performance-oriented British motorcycle, they should definitely check out the new Triumph Trident 660.

Key Features of Bike

  • Triple Cylinder Engine
  • All LED lightings
  • TFT Display
  • Great Riding Ergonomics
  • Front Showa Upside Down Forks and Preload Adjustable Rear Suspension.

2. Honda CB650R

Honda CB650R

Honda CB650R is the only sports naked among all with the most power-generating engine with its inline 4, 648cc engine developing 85bhp @12,000rpm and max torque of 57Nm @8,500rpm. CB650R gets a modern retro design with round LED headlamps that we see on CB1000 as well.

Honda has done a great job building up this bike equipped with Honda’s (HSTC) Honda Selectable Torque Control that is Honda’s traction control with switchable functionality. Honda’s (ESS) Emergency Stopping Signal activates the front and rear hazard lights in the event of sudden braking.

Someone who loves the symphony of the inline 4 engine and wants a 600cc category naked sportbike should definitely consider CB650R because it produces most power in the 600cc category naked sports bike and gives a good fuel economy.

Key Feature of Bike

  • Digital LCD Instrumental Cluster.
  • Honda’s Neo Café Racer Styling.
  • Ultra-Compact Design.
  • Great Riding Ergonomics.
  • Good Fuel Economy.

1. Honda CBR650R

Honda CBR650R

Standing at the top of the list is Honda CBR650R; it’s the same CB650R but with different tunning done by Honda, which makes it more aggressive and delivers more power delivery. In terms of design, it is inspired by its bigger brother, CBR1000RR.

CBR650R is too equipped with Honda’s HSTC and ESS technology. CBR’s sharp-designed fairing and clip-on aggressively set and rear set footpads provide the rider to turn in corners fast and hard with all confidence. CBR650R’s fully-faired design will surely attract today’s youngsters and enthusiasts. Go on the road or track; it’s the best bike. CBR650R is powered by a Honda 648cc inline4 engine developing 85bhp @12,000rpm and max torque of 57Nm. Honda offers CBR650R at a price tag of 8,88,796 INR ex-showroom.

Why Buy Honda CBR650 over CB650R?

Design that is inspired with CBR1000RR, which is born on race tracks, makes CBR650R absolutely beast on track as well as roads with its aggressive styling and riding position makes the rider feel confident on every corner and turns, fully faired body design helps the go on highspeed without losing any stability.

Key Features of Bike

  • Inline 4 Engine.
  • Twin LED Headlamps.
  • Color TFT Display.
  • Attractive Fully Faired Body Design.
  • Honda’s HSTC and ESS Technology.

So, these are the top 10 best 650cc motorcycles available in the market, with the best features available at the best price.

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