Writers Guide

Strictly Follow These Guidelines To Publish Your Article.

How To Write Articles on ArticlesInsider Full Guide.

It is a brief guide for those who want to write for articlesinsider.com. It aims to help users to understand our requirements.

1. How To Get Your Article Approved.

All of the following points must comply with your Article, or your Article will be rejected.

A. Your Article Topic Should be on Top 10 List Form. Your list article should be offbeat and novel, like a list article that is looking at something normal in an unexpected way (for example), unsolved mysteries, hidden knowledge (things most people don’t know), misconceptions, and just really astonishing general knowledge about anything in a creative way.

Note – We Don’t Accept Articles On Any Religious Topics.

B. You Should possess excellent and appropriate knowledge of the topic you write about. Your article content should be properly researched and factual. If we detect the content is not appropriate to your topic and not good enough, your article will be rejected.

C. Your Article should be Minimum 1500 words long.

D. Should Follow All The Checkpoints Lists Given Below.

E. You must provide sources if asked by us to show that what you are saying is factual.

F. The Article must not already be published on the Internet. 

G. Your Article Should be 100% Unique and a hundred percent of your writing.

H. Your Article Should Follow Google Policy, not contain any negative and adult words.

I. The information provided in the Article Should Be Correct and not misleading.

J. Your Article must be in English language Only.

2. Trending Content.

Articles covering trending topics always perform well. Write Articles on the Trending Topics, and You Should have preferred Knowledgeable and Interesting Topics.

3. Keep Your Article Knowledgeable and Factual.

Keep your writing simple and useful. The Article should be between 1500 to 3,000 words long. Complex words and sentences are boring to most of the readers, so keep your Article easier and simple with valuable content.

4. Checkpoints For Article.

– 1. Article Title and Summary Should Be Nice.

– 2. Use Headings (H2) and (H3) tags in the Article on necessary paragraphs.

– 3. The Article Should be Divided into Proper Paragraphs and sub-headings, make a paragraph after every 3 to 5 line.

– 4. Attach each of your Articles with an external link to a reputed website related to Your Content If possible. It will increase your article worthiness.

– 5. Attach related content Links from our website based on your topic if appropriate in your article.

– 6. Article must be 100% Orignal and Unique.

5. Include Sources

You need to back up each article with an external link to a reputed website related to your topic. The following is a list of few reputed example websites.

Wikipedia, NDTV, Buzzfeed, National Enquirer, Metro, Vox, The Verge, Examiner, Salon,
About.com, suite101.com, Medium, Geocities, HubPages, Angelfire, Ranker, Times of India, Snopes,
The Guardian, India Today, CNN, todayifoundout.com, boinboing.net, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and many other known websites.

You Have To Use Valuable Article links. It Should Be Related To Your Content But your Article Should Be Different From Your external Source Article, Your Article Should be unique not copied.

6. Revise Your Article Before Submitting For Review

We reject all of the Articles that require a lot of editing. Please make sure you read, re-read, and read again and follow all checkpoints before submitting it.