Read the whole page carefully, and you will find the withdrawal form at the bottom of this page, only if you are logged in to your account. If you don’t have an account on our website, you need to first Register on our Website and then Login to your account.

Did I Get Paid From My 1st Article?

No, We Consider Your 1st Article as a contribution To Our Website. So, We Pay You From 2nd Article For Every Article Which is Published on ArticlesInsider.com.

Always Follow Our Writers Guide To Get You Article Approved And Published. Also Check Out Our FAQs For Better Understanding of Writing Article On Our Website.

What is Point Reward Program?

Our Point Reward Program enables our every user to earn points, even without submitting article and later your points will converted into Dollars, for which you get paid. So, the conversion of the points are as follows:

  • 1,000 Points = $1
  • 10,000 Points = $10
  • 1,00,000 Points = $100

How To Earn Points?

Here is the action on which you get points:

  • 50 Points Per Day to Users just to login their accounts daily.
  • 10 Points Per Day to Users just for visiting our website daily.
  • 100 Points To Newly Registered Users.
  • 50 Points Per Day to Users for commenting on the Posts, and The Post Author also got 10 points for every comment from anyone.
  • 100 Points for every refferal, you can get your refferal link from Refferal Page.
  • 10,000 Points on Article Published.

Can I Get My Withdrawal Amount In My Bank Account Without Publishing Any Article?

No, you can not get a withdrawal amount without publishing your article. You should have at least 1 article Published on our website, to get your Withdrawal amount in your Bank account.

Note – We will not proceed your withdraw, if you don’t have at least 1 article published on our website, even after you have crossed more than 10,000 points in your account.

How To Withdraw Your Points?

You can Simply Fill The Below Withdrawal Form To Withdraw Points. Before Filling the form, remember that your account should have minimum 10,000 points which are equals to $10, and have at least 1 article published on our website, otherwise you won’t get paid. You can only see the withdrawal form after login. So, if you haven’t seeing the withdrawl form, first login into your account, then you can see the Withdrawal form.


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