Top 10 Retail Companies in India 2023

In India, the retail industry is under transition, we will see many transformations in retailing business in near future. The main advantage of retail shopping is that shoppers enjoy the privilege of shopping for any products in a variety of formats.

Before we give you the list of top 10 retail companies in India, let’s find the answer of  What is Retail?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, the activity of selling goods to the public, usually in shops is retail.

In simple words, When the individual person/organization buy any goods or service for their own use and the sales occurred for the business, it’s retail.

Category of Retailers

There are 4 major categories of products:

  • Hardlines – Business who sales last long products like furniture, home appliances, etc.
  • Soft goods – Products like clothing, shoes, and toiletries.
  • Food – Products like dairy products, meat, and other days to day foods, etc.
  • Art – Things product like drawings-paintings, books, etc.

Types of Retail Stores

Following are the types of retail stores:

  • Online Stores – E-commerce websites that sellers products direct to customers.
  • Department Stores – Stores with a wide range of goods and services divided into departments.
  • Discount Stores – Those stores that focus on price and provide deep discounts on the available products.
  • Specialty Stores – A store that concentrates on specific product areas, e.g., clothing.
  • Supermarket – A medium to extensive grocery self-service and customer checkout counters with a wide range of day to day products.
  • Chain Stores: Retail outlets that share a brand and central management and standardized business methods.

10. Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop comes on Number (10) from our List of Top 10 Retail Companies in India.

Well known K Raheja Corp. It is the parent company of Shoppers Stop; it was started in the year 1991 and incorporated in the year 1997 as a private limited company.

Some of the brands under Shoppers Stop are the Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Crossword, MAC, and Estèe Lauder.

As of ending the financial year, 2018-2019 Shoppers Stop has 83 departmental stores located in the different states of India. The company provides a wide range of branded and own-label apparel, footwear, books, music and toys, cosmetics, jewelry, home product, leather products, and accessories, etc.

In quarter 3 of the financial year 2020, the company declared sales of Rs: 1300 crores and EBITDA of Rs 102 Core in the quarter (Non-GAAP). GAAP adjusted; the turnover is Rs 994 crore and EBITDA of Rs 204 crore.

9. V2 Retail Ltd. (V2kart)


V2 Retail Ltd. comes on Number (9) from our List of Top 10 Retail Companies in India.

Vishal Retail Ltd. founded in 2001, and the company acquired the manufacturing facilities from Vishal Fashions Private Ltd. and Vishal Apparels in the year 2003. In the year 2006, the company converted into a public company.

V2 Retail Ltd. offers a portfolio of products, including readymade apparel, non-apparel, FMCG, household merchandise, and other consumer goods like toys, toiletries, grocery items, Watches, sports items, and many more.

Presently, the company is managing 9,00,000+ sq.ft. of retail space with 77 retail stores in 17 states of the country includes 18 Bihar, 17 in Uttar Pradesh, and many other states and union. The company reported sales (Consolidated) of RS 129.16 crores on quarter March 2020.

8. Future Lifestyle Fashions LTD. (FLF)

Future Lifestyle Fashions LTD

Future Lifestyle Fashions LTD. (FLF) comes on Number (8) from our List of Top 10 Retail Companies in India.

Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2012 by Future Group. FLF is leading domestic and foreign brands for Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s wear, footwear, and accessories.

FLF has more than 300 stores in 90+ Indian cities and covers 5.7 mn sq ft of retail space. The company operates by Central and Brand Factory as well as exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) department stores and multi-brand outlets (MBOs).

In the year-end 31 March, 2019 Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd. contributed Rs 5802.46 Crore to Sales Value (98.23 % of Total Sales) from main business include Apparel and Other Rs 104.24 Crore to Sales Value (1.76 % of Total Sales). The company has reported a Consolidated sales of Rs 1742.23 Crore.

7. Trent Ltd.

Trent Ltd.

Trent Ltd. comes on Number (7) from our List of Top 10 Retail Companies in India.

Trent LTD. is the subsidiary company of the Tata group and established in the year 1998. The headquarter of the company located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company operates its business over four brand names, Westside, Landmark, Zudio, and Star Bazaar.

Westside is famous as a fashion brand. Westside offers apparel products for Men, Women, and Kids, and also offers products range like cosmetics, home furniture related products, and perfumes.

Landmark is for child-related products such as books, toys, and also offers some other categories of the product like lifestyle accessories, music, sporting goods and technology, more. Zudio also serves fashion-related products while Star Bazaar serves grocery, dairy, and food-related items.

In April 2019 Trent declared a net profit after tax is RS.127 Crore and Its revenue from operations increased Rs 2,532 crore in fiscal 2018-19, up from Rs 2,066 crore in the previous year.

6. Future Enterprises Limited

Future Enterprises Limited

Future Enterprises Limited comes on Number (6) from our List of Top 10 Retail Companies in India.

Future Enterprises Limited India’s leading retailer company founded by Kishore Biyani in the year 1987 as a Manz Wear Private Limited.

The company is doing it’s business in 51 cities across the country, with 6 million square feet of retail space. The company primarily handling the `Lifestyle’ and `Value’ formats.

The company offers mainly communications, food-related products, general merchandise, home, leisure and entertainment, financial services, and wellness.

5. Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL)

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL) comes on Number (5) from our List of Top 10 Retail Companies in India.

ABFRT’s retail shops are famous as pantaloons Fashion. ABFRT is part of one of the well-known groups of India Aditya Birla Group.

In the year 2015, ABFRL made of by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle (MFL), Pantaloons Fashion and Retail (PFRL), and Madura Fashion division. Pantaloons’ first retail store opened in 1997.

As the name suggests, ABFRL serves fashion and lifestyle-related products. Some of India’s famous brands like Peter England, Louis Philippe, Allen Solly, and Van Heusen are part of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited.

ABFRL has 3,031 brand stores across India, With its employees of 120,000 people and the presence of 42 nationalities, and spanning a retail space of 8.1 million sq.ft. , ABFRT has a strong network. In March 2020, ABFRT reported revenue of Rs. 8,743 cr.

4. Future Retail Ltd.

Future Retail Ltd.

Future Retail Ltd. comes on Number (4) from our List of Top 10 Retail Companies in India.

Future Retail Ltd. is once known as Bharti Retail Ltd. was Founded in the year of 2007. It is the flagship company of India’s retail pioneer Future Group.

 The company has neighborhood stores and departmental stores under various formats across the country. The company owns some of the popular brands such as Big Bazaar, Easyday Fashion, Foodhall, Home Town Ezone, etc.

The company operates each operation in 400 cities through digital platforms and over 1500 stores and 16 million square feet of retail space.

Future Retail Limited has reported a consolidated sales of Rs 5193.19 Crore, for the quarter ended 31 December 2019.

Company’s key Products/Revenue Segments include Traded Goods which contributed Rs 21288.16 Crore to Sales Value (96.51 % of Total Sales) and Other Operating Revenue which contributed Rs 768.79 Crore to Sales Value (3.48 % of Total Sales).

3. Avenue Supermarts Ltd.

Avenue Supermarts Ltd.

Avenue Supermarts Ltd. comes on Number (3) from our List of Top 10 Retail Companies in India.

Avenue Supermarts does not seem to a familiar name but, Avenue Supermarts doing retail business as D-Mart.

The Founder of this company is Radhakishan Damani (presently he comes under the top 10 richest person in India category).

By the end of 2019, D-mart had 196 stores in 72 cities across 11 states in India including Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Daman, Punjab, and Maharashtra.

Few categories of the products which available on D-mart stores are:

  • Grocery & Staples
  • Daily Essentials
  • Home & Personal Care
  • DMart Brands
  • Dairy & Frozen
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Bed & Bath
  • Luggage
  • Footwear
  • Crockery
  • Toys & Games
  • Plastic Containers
  • Home Appliances
  • Kids Apparel
  • Ladies Garments
  • Apparel For Men

As of March ending of 2019, Avenue Supermarts had a total of 7,713 permanent employees and 33,597 employees hired on a contractual basis.

In the year 2017, the IPO of Avenue Supermarts (D-mart) listed, it made a record opening on the market on the National Stock Market.

The market capitalization of the company in November 2019 is nearby Rs.114,000 Crore, which makes it making 33rd largest company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Total revenue of Avenue Supermarts for the quarter ended March 2020 stood at Rs 6,255.93 crore, EBITDA margin for the quarter 7.4 %.

2. V-Mart Retail

V-Mart Retail

V-Mart Retail comes on Number (2) from our List of Top 10 Retail Companies in India.

V-Mart is widely popular as a retail chain in India. V-Mart Retail Limited was formally Varin Commercial Private Limited incorporated in 2002. Then in 2018, it is registered as a V-mart Retail.

V-Mart Retail stores deal with Sports and Games, Entertainment Outlets, Apparel and Personal Care, Consumer Electronics, Mobile Stores, IT Hardware related products, Grocery Stores and Footwear Stores, Jewellery, Watches, Fast Food Outlets, and many more.

At present, V-Mart has a store in states/cities such as Bihar, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, New Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh, it includes 228 stores in 168 cities across 17 Indian states and union territories, with a total retail area of 18,94,106 Sq. Ft.

1. Reliance Retail Limited

Reliance Retail Limited

Reliance Retail Limited comes on Number (1) from our list of Top 10 Retail Companies in India.

You might not be surprised to know that Reliance Retail is the biggest retailer in Reliance Retail Limited owned by Reliance Industries Limited.

It was founded in 2006. By using a multi-prong strategy, Reliance Retail has multiple types of stores, like online stores, next door Retail stores, specialty stores, and wholesale stores too.

Reliance also partnered with some international brands such as Diesel, Superdry, Hamleys, Ermenegildo Zegna, Marks and Spencer, Paul & Shark, Thomas Pink, Kenneth Cole, Brooks Brothers, Steve Madden, Payless Shoesource, Grand Vision and many more.

Reliance Retail Limited reported Rs.1,30,566 Crore Revenues in FY2019. And also reported EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization)of Rs 6,201 Crore in FY2019.

Reliance has 10,901 Retail Stores in 24.5 Million Sq. Ft. Retail Area in more than 6700 cities, Reliance Retail is serving more than 5 Million Customers Every Week.



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