Top 13 Tips of Training at Home to Get Fit

Want to get fit?

Want to post shirtless on your social accounts? Well, everyone wants too. So get ready to get fit. 

1. First, make sure to delete sugar from your diet or minimize your sugar because if we intake sugar more than what we need, we are going to cross our daily calories, but we don’t want that.

2. Make sure to drink water. If you feel hungry, make sure to drink water before you eat, because drinking water makes you full and you don’t feel hungry. And always make sure when you wake up to drink a warm glass of water, then you start your day.

3. Breakfast: the most important meal of the day to start our body system. Make sure to have fruits in your breakfast and a black tee or green tee; it’s up to you. But make sure to have breakfast every single day.

4. Sleep: If you don’t sleep, you cannot reach your goal fast, because our body grows when we sleep and also lose fat. Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours pr day. 

5. Workout: If you think you want to get fit, only eating healthy your wrong, because if you only eat healthily and don’t exercise you’re going to lose your muscles and less fat. But if you train with weights or whatever training you prefer doing you’ll build muscles and good skin quality otherwise your skin will look like an old man.

6. Eat before you go to sleep: Make sure to eat something to let your body survive during the night, I want to say you have to give to your body something to continuo your metabolism while your sleeping. Because our body is like a car if we want her to run faster we have to give her some good food with high protein and carbs and a little bit fat.

7. Fats: make sure to eat fats because fat kills fat and if you want to gain some muscle the fat is gonna exchange into muscle.

8. Make sure to add fibers: If you think your skin is little laggy, you should add fibers in your diet. 

9. Less Stress: Make sure to stress less. Stress is the enemy of getting fit. Make sure to don’t stress out and enjoy your diet with your partner or friend. 

10. Increase Cardio: Make sure to do cardio every single day if you want to look like an Instagram or Internet model. Because cardio is the key. But make sure to do cardio always after your workout session.

11. Alcohol: Try to don’t consume alcohol because alcohol is what is getting you fat and less energetic than others. You can enjoy ones a week or month but not every day take that in mind. 

12. And training your body makes your body perfect to make sure to train also your brain by reading books and studying about health and fitness to get better in your life. 

13. Make sure to stay in your caloric deficit. Otherwise, you’re never gonna click pictures like Instagram models female or male. 



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