Writers Edge Program

Our Writers Edge Program Gives You Many Benefits, In Which You Will Become The Prior Member/Writer Of Our Website.

To Be Eligible To Join This Program, Writers Should Have Minimum 1 Article Already Published On The Website.

Why Do I Join The Writers Edge Program?

ArticlesInsider Is One Of The Most Trusted Earning Website For Writers. Anyone Who Wants To Earn Money By Writing Articles Who Has Good Writing Skills And Have A Creative Mind Can Join Us And Send Us Their Articles.

But Due To This, We Receive Thousands Of Articles Daily, Which Is Reviewed By Our Reviewers, But As Humans Always Have Limitations, We Can Not Review All The Articles In Prescribed Time. That’s Why Sometimes It Takes A Lot More Time Than Usual To Publish The Articles Of The Writers Who Follows Our Writers Guide.

Most Of The Complaints We Receive On Our Website Is Review Time, That We Take Too Much Time To Review And Publish The Articles.

If You Are Serious For Writing Articles For Our Website And Earn Through Your Articles. Writers Edge Program Solves The Most Complained Problem Of The Website Which Is Review Time, Not Just That By Joining Writers Edge Program You Will Get Other Benefits Too.

What Is The Benefits Of Joining The Writers Edge Program?

1 – As you Join the Writers Edge Program, You Get The Priority Review, And Your Articles Will Be Published Within 24 Hours Of Your Submission If Your Article Follows Our Writers Guide.

2 – Your Every Article Which Follows Our Writers Guide. Guaranteed Published Within 24 Hours. It Means You Can Submit Articles Daily And Your Articles Will Be Published Daily.

3 – One Most Important Thing To Remember In This Program Is That We Pay On 10 Articles Basis. It Means We Pay You For Every 10 Articles Which Is Published After Joining This Program.

4 – You Will Also Get Priority Support From Us.

How Much You Get Paid After Joining The Writers Edge Program?

In This Program, We Don’t Pay Per Article, We Pay For Directly 10 Articles, You Will Get $50 Per 10 Articles, And Your Articles Will Be Published Daily Without Any Delay.

It Is Not Compulsory To Post The Article Daily It is Your Choice, That’s Why We Don’t Make A Condition On Days But On Articles. We Pay You After Every 10 Articles Published.

You Can Not Quit The Writers Edge Program Any Time Whenever You Want. If You Wish To Quit The Program You Should Have To Complete The Publishing Of 10 Articles, Then You Will Get The Payment For Your Articles And If You Want To Quit The Program You Can Quit Just By Email Us.

For Example – If You Write 10 Articles And Due To Some Reason, You Don’t Want To Continue The Writers Edge Program. You Can Just Email Us And Quit The Program And Your Payment For Your 10 Articles Will Be Processed Within 24 Hours.

How To Join Writers Edge Program?

If You Want To Join This Program. You Just Need To Email Us On ([email protected]) That You Are Interested In Joining The Writers Edge Program. Or If You Are A Good Writer And You Have Fulfilled The Minimum Requirement Of Joining The Program, You Will Get The Email From Us To Join The Program.

After This, You Can Submit Your Articles Like Before By Following The Writers Guide Which You Are Following Previously. And As Before There Is No Boundation On Topic. Just Select The Topic Which Is Sensible And Informative, Which Provides Some Value To Readers.

If You Have Any Other Questions. You Can Ask On Email – [email protected]