Top 10 Essential Apps You Need To Have On Your Phone

How many essential apps do you use in your daily life? Because of the immense storage capacity of phones today, it is common that there are tons of apps installed on your phone; you may have installed all categories of apps like entertainment, work, health, shopping, and more.

This is just personal experience and not stats from the internet that I use around only a few apps most of the time. And if suitable apps dominate your majorly used apps, then they can increase your attention span, give you a rejuvenation of energy and keep you mentally healthy.

We all need an app for good entertainment, but usually, we already have such apps installed on our phones, and they are very user-specific. So, I will not be discussing that area. I will talk about what are the top 10 essential apps you need to have on your phone, Let’s see.

10. Evernote

Evernote Top 10 Essential Apps You Need To Have On Your Phone

It may appear to be a simple note-taking app, but that’s not all there is to it. You can use it for self-journaling, making notes when learning new skills, scheduling your day, making a 30-day planner for project management, and many more with the help of its vast template library. I used that library a lot when I started and found it difficult to make weekly plans, which I am glad to say now are better than before.

There is another thing that may not seem obvious immediately. It can store your passwords. Benefits of storing passwords here? They are synced with your Google account, so it saved even all those passwords if you lose your phone or something else happens.

9. Khan Academy

Khan Academy Top 10 Essential Apps You Need To Have On Your Phone

Well, it is a free academy; that’s the first plus point. The second plus point is that you get a lot of practical knowledge on this app. This app may have been sitting on my phone for more than a year now.

I have used it to understand World History, which I highly suggest for you too; I watched the various interviews of entrepreneurs and some science topics that I needed knowledge of, as well some related to the art of moviemaking and understanding the basics of what art is. There is even some helpful material on the stock market! What else does a person need?

I have to admit that I was so excited watching World History that I didn’t even stop to read all the articles, take the quizzes and tests to see my knowledge level on them, which means I ended up with quite a lot of vague concepts. So, if you use it or intend to use it, take care to use all the resources available to consolidate knowledge. After all, it is a kind of app that can fill your mind with a lot of knowledge.

8. Huawei Health

Huawei Health

Any health app that can count your step counts are one of the essential apps you need to have on your phone. I just told you what I used on my phone.

There were two ways to look at exercising for me when I wanted something that could keep me healthy overall. I didn’t aim for the heavy muscles.

  • The first one was that I walk 10,000 steps a day, which are around 7 kilometers.
  • The second was that I workout for about an hour, which was not precisely workable.

After trying out the 10,000 steps for a few weeks, I understood the limitation of this method. My stamina improved a little overall. That was something I wanted as well.

So, by looking some more, I came to my current aim. That is to take 30 minutes of moderate jogging and count them towards the 10,000 steps a day. Huawei Health is one of the many health apps available for this task, and it has some features of differentiating jogging and walking.

7. Skillshare


Another good app for skill development at a low cost. Why so much emphasis on learning and skill development? From experience and observing other people, it is better to learn (with intention) something new, not every other week, but every day. As it makes you more appreciative of things around you, makes you more active-minded in the present, and increases your wisdom as well.

I used Skillshare to learn a programming course, and I have to say the Bootcamp was superb indeed. So, the first thing to be done is to know is which Bootcamp has a good rating (after noting what you came to learn) actually, there is also a free app called edX on the play store, I believe, but it is better to pay for learning some skill, it makes a person more serious and increases motivation to learn.

6. ShareTheMeal


That’s an app name, and yes, it is what it sounds like. You share a meal. With all the daily struggles we have to face in our lives, our attitude sometimes gets harsh towards our closest people, which we end up regretting later. So, an excellent preventive measure to that I say would be to ShareTheMeal.

Giving food to someone in need every day, you naturally develop a sense of empathy, and it will be easier to become grateful for what you have. This feeling of gratefulness is often the most important thing I believe we can have. When you are just too tired, It keeps you going, and you make more decisions you wouldn’t regret later on.

There are other apps like this one. There is a website called GoFundMe, also from where I found the inspiration to find an app like this one. Try sharing a meal and see the effects on your life.

5. MyFitnessPal


What is a fitness pal supposed to do? To help you in keeping your health in the long term and the short term. This app is amazing to have but remember it’s not free. It keeps track of your food intake. It measures how many calories you have eaten on any day, with quite a reasonable estimate of intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and many other nutrients in your diet like potassium, vitamins, sodium, and more.

The fantastic feature about this is that besides tracking your food intake, it can suggest suitable good-tasting dishes you can make at home or buy from outside that help you achieve your goals while also enabling you to taste exquisite flavors you have never tasted before.

To commit to imputing data into it (which is how it tracks everything), it worked better for me to set aside 5-10 mins in the evening time as usually by that time, most of what I consumed during the day is known to me.

4. TED Talks aka TED


If you are reading this, I guess that you have an inherent love of reading and expanding your knowledge, like knowing about the wonderful things going on. So, from that, I further guess that you might have already watched a few TED Talks at least. Now, what If I told you that there is an app in the play store named TED?

There is one available! and it has many more features than the YouTube one could ever offer. It has TED shorts, among other things. Definitely a thing to have in your pocket when it is up for taking.

3. Wikipedia


Well, famous Wikipedia also has its app. Probably some volunteers made it for them, considering that it is a nonprofit website. The good thing about their app is that you can do many more things than on their actual website. You can download the content for later seeing, and the way additional articles open in the app is cool too.

Another thing is its personalized feed. As we read more and more content, there is less and less chance of some random thing coming in front of us that is irrelevant to us. I tried out other personalized feeds, but I didn’t like others, and I have settled on this one for now. It is a little bigger than other information networks, after all.

2. AppLock Pro

AppLock Pro

I was basically on the lookout for some app that could prevent the theft of the phone. I found some, but there was a feature that I was looking for specifically, and It was that before anyone tries to shut down the mobile, the mobile should prompt the user to give a password.

Another thing would be to create a fake airplane mode so that it would always turn the device location and data connection on for easier and fast-tracking. But, alas, I did not find any reliable app that fulfills these criteria. Doing some research into it, it seems like the power shutdown is a hardware problem and not a software one.

But, I found some alternative to this. An app that will help you keep your most sensitive data safe(even though your mobile won’t be). It has an outstanding feature among its other features that the apps you locked have a weird pop up when you click on them. They will always say the app has stopped working, and you will have to long-press the ok button to open the app. Other features include taking a screenshot when someone makes 5 wrong attempts, and so on are there too, but I never needed them until now.

1. Mentorist: Skills From Books


I have always liked the summaries of the books. They give you most of the crux of the book in a few mins of reading or listening. Listening is good too, and there are proper apps for that in the play store. Some of these summary apps provide summaries in 12 or 15 mins which I believe is great.

The app I am suggesting summarizes books in about 4 or so minutes. It will miss many details of the books and other long summary apps. But, 4 or so minutes is the best time I would say to get to know a book. And this much time is easy to squeeze out, no matter how much busy a person may be.

The main thing, however, is still another thing about this app. It has made some implementable skills out of the books that you can read. So that you don’t just gain knowledge, you implement that, which is a very delightful concept.


Apps are there to make our lives easier and bring convenience to us. This list of apps can help you become more productive and increase your overall satisfaction level. As whatever we give attention becomes important to us. So, install these apps on your phone right now.

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