Top 10 Amazing Great India’s Achievements in Science and Technology Making India a Proud Nation

India has many achievements and the people of India Prouds on The India’s achievements, including a strong democracy, the revival of copious aspects of traditional wisdom, higher education, spectacular economic growth, and nuclear power. These accomplishments and other talents of the countrymen that we have not mentioned have reached India among the world’s top countries, especially in scientific research and technology, and other fields.

Indian scientists have had so many discoveries and innovations in science that have made India stand tall among other nations. As the adage goes, you cannot gain something without hard work (no pain, no gain); India as a nation has been through years of attack and destruction, not to mention slavery and the fight for independence.

Despite all these challenges, the nation still survived and came out stronger and wiser than before, leaving the citizens with no other choice but to be proud of India.

We are talking about India in its 70s now. Ever since independence, India has been on the road to becoming a developed nation. To start with, the son of a poor fisherman who was rated as the best President ever in the Republic of India, to support such a man from a humble background for the presidency is what we call patriotism–it’s certainly a significant sign of a developed, democratic, futuristic and optimistic netizens aiming for outstanding achievements.

You cannot compare the India of 2021 and India in 1947. The 21st century India is the fifth-largest economy in the world. It has a nominal GDP and the third-largest in terms of PPP (Purchasing Power Parity), plus many other advancements in the nation. No wonder India has attracted and will still interest venture capitalists and multinationalism and foreign investors.

In this article, we will highlight several of India’s achievements in science and technology that have gotten the nation and its citizens among the topmost countries in the world in scientific research. Also, these accomplishments have been of help not only to Indians but also to the world.

Note that the following list only consists of some of the great achievements of India as a nation. We could not cover everything in this article; India has many other achievements in various fields, especially not to forget the primary scientists that laid the foundations of today’s innovations.

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The Top 10 Amazing Great India’s Achievements in Science and Technology That Makes India Stand Tall In The World.

10. Invention of the Atomic Clock

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has developed an atomic clock. The clock is among the few sophisticated space technology organizations in the world. It’s used to measure precise location data in navigation satellites.

This path-breaking discovery is honorable to India’s space agency which currently imported atomic clocks from a European aerospace manufacturer called Astrium; Kudos India, you can manufacture these clocks locally.

9. The Extremely Large Supercluster of Galaxies Discovery

Talking about the vicinity of the universe, this supercluster of galaxies is one of the largest known structures, and it’s as big as 20 billion suns. The large cluster galaxy discovery has been named ‘Saraswati.’

But the quite interesting thing to note is someone with no formal education and knowledge made this astonishing discovery together with a group of Indian astronomers. This has made India an inspiration showing how there’s still potential untapped human resource in the 21st century.

8. The Indigenous Cryogenic Heaviest Engine Rocket.

This rocket called GSLV-Mk III is described as a game-changer by ISRO because It’s the first of its kind to be launched in a space mission, and it’s the heaviest cryogenic engine rocket in India.

The indigenously developed rocket was a step taken by ISRO so that India could be independent when it comes to space exploration missions. Indeed, the country has shown its capability to launch rockets without the intervention of other nations that also explore space.

And as the nation successfully confirmed the use of cryogenic engine technology, it puts India among five other such nations in the world.

7. The Successful Testing of Fired Scramjet Rocket Engine Systems

The Air-breathing propulsion rocket systems are totally different from the conventional chemical rocket systems, which carry both oxygen and fuel.

The scramjet rocket uses the atmospheric oxygen from its surroundings to burn it with the stored fuel, thus producing a forward thrust (movement force). Such a high-technology system development pushes India forward, hopefully meeting the futuristic space transportation exploration needs.

6. The World’s Smallest Satellite Developed by an 18-year-old Rifath Sharook

Rifath Sharook, an 18-year-old from Karur in Tamil Nadu, went down in history books, adding his name to the list of other numerous India’s prodigies. Using not more than a 3D printer, he printed a tiny 3D satellite, thus designing the world’s smallest satellite called Kalamsat, named after the former President Dr. Abdul Kalam. NASA flew the Kalamsat (the world’s smallest satellite) into space in one of its missions.

5. The World’s Lowest Costing Supercomputer called PARAM

India is proud of building PARAM, the world’s most affordable indigenous Supercomputer. This first-ever home-grown computer was manufactured by C-DAC, the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing.

The nation’s locally made supercomputer, and interestingly at the same time the lowest costing supercomputer in the world, has brought the technology to so many states with minimal resources to afford the expensive versions of supercomputers.

4. The World’s Fastest Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Called Brahmos

Brahmos is indigenously developed world’s fastest and most formidable anti-ship cruise missile. It’s the first time India has developed a seeker for such a high-class supersonic missile.

This indicates that the country has deeply ventured into the technology niche for itself, ready to mark huge achievements in supersonic missiles of such caliber in days to come.

3. The Accomplished Lunar Exploration Chandrayaan 1 Mission

India is far in terms of space exploration. Ever heard of the Chandrayaan-1 Mission? This is the mission that marked India’s first lunar exploration. The ISRO effort made this mission successful, enabling India to emerge as the fourth country in the world to host its flag on the lunar surface.

This achievement has also been an eye-opener to ISRO to make more explorations like the Chandrayaan-1 mission and go beyond the Geostationary Orbit. The Chandrayaan-1 mission achievement has earned India great honor in the world of space exploration.

2. India Owns the Biggest Domestic Communication Satellite in Asia-Pacific

Indian National Satellite System (INSAT) is the largest domestic communication satellite in the Asia Pacific region. It consists of two multi-use satellites in geostationary orbit, each having twelve 36 MHz-wide C-band channels, two 36 MHz-wide S-band channels, and a Very High Resolution.

Such an achievement of a developed satellite for communication puts India on the list among a few very developed nations with an indigenous communication satellite for domestic use in the Asia-Pacific region.

1. India’s Solar Power

India has endeavored to equip itself in utilizing renewable sources of energy such as solar power. From 2014 to 2020, India’s total solar power capacity has advanced from 2.6 to 38 Giga Watts (GW). Today, India has very high solar power potential, that’s 20 Terawatts worth.

In line with the same, Karnataka state alone has 5.3 Terawatts worth of solar panels. Not to forget the world’s first solar electrified airport in Kochi and the world’s first solar electrified stadium for cricket in Bangalore. What an environmentally conscious and responsible nation!

As mentioned earlier, India’s Solar power has been of great help.  For instance, the Sukam power companies have supported children’s education in Africa by supplying electricity in many schools. Moreover, reports have ranked India as one of the most competitive countries charging the lowest per-unit cost of solar power globally, that’s around Rs. 2.47 Per unit charge of solar power.

Some of the states that have topped the premier solar power projects in the nation include; Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.

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India has come of age, yielding more platforms for entrepreneurship, developing, and creating great companies than ever before. The talents of the Indians have enabled the nation to bridge and partner with both developed and developing countries.

Just to mention a few, the nation of India has strengthened its relationship with the United States, Russia, and Europe. For example, the US civil nuclear agreement initiated by the Indian government opened a new dawn in technology advancement in the nation.

Looking at the various milestones Indians have achieved and still look forward to the ones awaiting; there’s a need to spread this message of hope across India’s population, encouraging them to dare dream big and to go for the gold;

Dream, but don’t just dream, work hard to resolve that dream, and nothing would be unreachable.

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