Top 10 Beautiful Modern Skyscrapers In The World Which You Probably Don’t Know

According to Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, a Skyscraper is the tallest building. A skyscraper is defined as a tall multistory building. The term was used during the 1880s when the first tall building was constructed in the United States.

Firstly, this name was applied to the building that had 10 to 20 stories. But later in the 20th century, the term skyscraper applied to the building that contains more than 40 to 50 stories.

The skyscraper has been constructed to fulfill the needs of mass migration to the urban areas. Skyscrapers offer luxury lifestyles, facilities, peaceful environments, attracting images, and prosperity in a small area for a huge population globally. Most skyscrapers allow people internationally and provide them basic opportunities for life.

As cities increases, the need for offices, apartments, and luxuries are also increased. So, there is a need for huge space to fulfill these needs. Maybe Skyscrapers help in providing space for these needs.

The very first skyscraper was designed by William Le Baron Jenny and build in 1885. It was located in Chicago, Illinois. It has 10 stories and a steel frame was used in its construction. It was a home insurance building. The building has other features like elevators and effective hygiene conditions for the public. With time, the trend of using glass, steel, and iron increased instead of wood and bricks.

Few challenges become hurdlers during the designing and construction of the Skyscraper:

  1. Ventilation system
  2. Exit during an emergency like a fire
  3. Fire compartment strategy
  4. Electricity management
  5. The alternative of loss of electricity
  6. Risk of falling down the building
  7. Accidents by hitting the airplane
  8. Lifts and elevators

The construction of skyscrapers looks complicated but it does not remain complicated when the construction started and materials, designs, structures are according to plan. Material is non-combustible and fire-resistive.

The skyscraper and the twentieth century are synonymous; the tall building is the landmark of our age…. Shaper of cities and fortunes, it is the dream, past and present, acknowledged or unacknowledged, of almost every architect.

Ada Louise Huxtable

10. Taipei 101

Taipei 101

Height – 1667 feet (508 meters).

Total Floors – 101 Floors.

Taipei 101 is located in Taiwan and it is the largest engineering project in the construction business history of Taiwan. It is an amazing place for visitors due to its unique structural design, high-tech material used in Taipei Observatory, eye-catching lighting, and Taipei Mall.

The building of Taipei 101 contains drink bars, audio recording guides for tourists in seven different languages, facilities for buying a token. The building is also furnished with high-power binoculars and this feature helps observe the whole building and surroundings. The building is constructed with transparent glass walls.

Taipei 101 offers luxury goods, international fashion designs, and restaurants with a wide range of dishes to their customers.

9. CITIC Tower


Height – 1732 feet (528 meters).

Total Floors – 109 floors

It is located in China, and was constructed in two divisions; first in 2017 and second in 2018. CITIC Tower is designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF). KPF is an American firm established by Eugene Kohn, Sheldon Fox, and William Pedersen in 1974.

It is also called the China Zun tower because its shape resembles the Zun. Zun is an ancient Chinese bronze. Headquarters of the CITIC Group, CITIC Banks, and office are situated in this tower.

Li Lei, design director at KPF said, “KPF’s goal for CITIC Tower was to create a centerpiece for the new CBD that would elicit harmony with the historic capital while proposing aspirational and contemporary architecture.”

8. Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Height – 1740 feet (530 meters).

Total Floors – 97 Floors.

Its construction was completed in 2019. It is situated in the outer district of China named Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA). It is used for mixed purposes like hotels, offices, apartments, hospitals, and commercially.

Tower has 350 rooms of rosewood hotel, a five-star, and 300 luxury serviced apartments. The building has unique features like many wind vents and an elongated top with absorbing ability.

Tianjin CTF Finance Center and Guangzhou CTF Finance center are of the same height. It ranked lower than Guangzhou CTF Finance center because it was constructed after Guangzhou CTF.

7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

Height – 1740 feet (530 meters).

Total Floors – 111 floors.

The construction of the CTF Finance Centre was completed in 2016. It represents the recent progress and urban growth of the region.

This tower is open to the public via base-level connections which facilities in public transportation.

After observing the features of this tower, it is expected that international trading will be interdependently possible in the near future, and clients from the whole world get benefits from it.

6. One World Trade Centre

One World Trade Centre

Height – 1776 feet (541 meters).

Total Floors –  94 floors.

It is situated in the US. The construction work of this building was completed in 2014. The architecture of this building is designed by David Child.

He is the consulting design partner at Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, New York. This building has 54 high-speed elevators for passengers and a 55-foot high office lobby.

5. Lotte World Tower

Lotte World Tower

Height – 1823 feet (555 meters).

Total Floors – 123 floors.

It is situated in South Korea. The construction of this tower was started in March 2011. Lotte Jamsil Super Tower and Lotte World Premium Tower are other names of lotte world tower.

It is located near the Han River and Lotte world park. This tower does not have a pointed end. It performs the role of many buildings like offices, hotels, and trade centers.

It has many functioning capabilities like it is used for trading, as a luxury hotel, like a shopping mall, and business work. Its shopping mall consisted of 10 stories.

The shopping mall opened to the public in 2014 during construction. The lotte World Tower was officially opened on April 2, 2017. The building of Lotte world tower was designed by American architecture company Kohn Pedersen Fox.

4. Ping An Finance Centre

Ping An Finance Centre

Height – 1965 feet (599 meters).

Total Floors: 115 floors.

Again This building is also designed by a New York-based architecture firm, Kohn Pedersen Fox. Another firm based in New York City, Thornton Tomasetti, was responsible for the structural engineering of this tower.

This tower is a slender shape. Its ratio of width-to-height ratio is 1:10. The floor area of this tower without a podium is 3,78,600 square meters.

Glass and stainless steel were used in constructing the front side of this tower. The observation deck opened for the public on February 10, 2018, which is present on the top floor of Ping An.

3. Abraj Al Bait (Makkah Clock Royal Tower)

Abraj Al Bait

Height – 1972 feet (601 meters).

Total Floors – 120 floors.

The first 5 floors are used as shopping malls. The tower is situated close to the famous grand mosque. The building of Makkah Clock Royal Tower was designed by Architecture firm Dar Al- Handasah from Lebanon.

This building has resembled traditional shopping malls in Dubai. It is situated in Saudi Arabia. It became the city’s new landmark due to its height and unique structure.

Its unique feature is its space, not the height. It has the largest floor area among the tall modern skyscrapers buildings. It contains 7 different towers of different heights.

The Abraj Al-Bait is owned by the Ministry of Islamic affairs, operated by the government of Saudi Arabia. Abraj Al Bait is used as a hotel, shopping mall, Islamic museum, homes, and prayer room.

The 4 floors of Makkah Royal Tower play the role of the parking lot and have space for more than 1000 vehicles.

2. Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower

Height – 2073 feet (632 meters).

Total Floors – 128 floors.

The building is used as a multipurpose building like offices, hotels, trading centers, exhibition halls, and art shows. The world’s highest book store is located on the 52nd floor of this tower. It is a branch of Taiwan’s Eslite Bookstore.

Underground 3rd and 5th floors are used as parking for 1800 vehicles. The Exhibition hall named Guangfu is situated on the 37th floor.

Various architecture companies proposed many designs for the construction of this tower. These companies include Skidmore, Kohn Pedersen Fox, Gensler, foster, and Owings & Merrill. Finally, a twisted design from Gensler was selected.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Height – 2716.5 feet (828 meters).

Total Floors – 163 floors.

It is the world’s tallest building and is located in Dubai. Burj Khalifa was officially opened for the public on January 4th, 2010. It has an artificial lake known as The Dubai Fountain.

The height of Burj Khalifa was keeping secret because the owner did not want to surpass this building by competitors. Its name was Burj Dubai or Dubai tower but changed with Burj Khalifa later.

This name belongs to the name of the president of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Maktoum.

This tower is used for offices, restaurants, communication, and hotels. 2909 stairs are present to cover the area, from ground floor to 160th floor because floors are huge. A famous local real estate company, named Emaar properties was responsible for the development of Burj Khalifa.


Burj Khalifa is the current tallest building in the world but in the future, Jeddah tower will surpass it by 200 meters. Jeddah tower is under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Chicago Company Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture design the Jeddah tower.

These manmade skyscrapers will prove marvelous and fantastic places to visit. If you are going to New York, Dubai, or any other destination then you should visit these skyscrapers.

This will enhance the feeling of gratitude in you. These skyscrapers show a modern and prosperous society. Jeddah Tower is not the only one. Some other skyscrapers are also under construction like Wuhan Greenland Center, Grand Rama 9 tower, and Merdeka PNB 118.

Undoubtedly, tall buildings and cities need to be sustainable. Unsustainability has become outdated in every sphere of our life, and cities, where we live, are no exception.

Kheir Al-Kodmany

Sharqa Naeem

Sharqa Naeem

I am an undergraduate student of Microbiology at Capital University of Science and Technology CUST Islamabad.

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