Top 10 Best and Effective Ways to Improve English Language Skills

English is an international language, and it plays a vital role in communication among people of different countries that can’t be neglected at any cost. Undoubtedly, some people can speak excellent English just like native speakers if they practiced the English language from their childhood.

On the other hand, some people can’t speak the English language well, and they need to improve English language skill because they had not practiced it early. You can exchange your ideas with foreigners if you can speak the English language well.

For example – If two people meet from two different countries, one is from China, and one is from Turkey, how will they communicate? They can communicate through the English language, which is a common language at the International level.

Improve English Language

The English language can be used as a business language because the mother tongue can’t be used as a business language, and English is used worldwide.

Learning the English language is important to watch English movies, read English novels, successful business communication. All English novels and books can’t be available in translation like Urdu, Hindi, Turkish and Spanish language. The same is the case with English series and movies. All the series and movies can’t be dubbed in all other languages.

The English language is most important to learn as compare to any other language. English language should be your priority if you are interested in learning other languages.

English is important in interviews of jobs, and English acts as a global language in the business world. A person can’t get any job in the office if he/she does not learn English at all because presentations have been prepared in English for business projects.

English needs some time to improve because non-natives make English mistakes, like grammar mistakes, prepositions, punctuation, and many more. Sometimes you feel shy about speaking English because you have not sure rather you are speaking perfect English or making mistakes.

English Grammar

Sometimes you can’t judge your English by yourselves. Non-native can improve their English if they will give some time to improving and learning the English language. Some easy and effective tips are given below:

10. Try To Speak English With Friends

Practice makes the person perfect, and you will feel shy and nervous when you spoke the English language first time. You will think that you can’t speak English well, but you should start to speak in the English language without fear.

Mistakes happen in practice but practice makes the person perfect. You can become perfect in the English language by practicing it, and you can speak English with your school friends, college friends, and family friends.

It does not matter if you made mistakes in speaking English in early attempts. You will succeed if you will remain consistent.

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

Dwayne Johnson

9. Take Help From Mentor

You can’t judge your writing until the mentor has checked it. It’s good to check mistakes by yourselves but it becomes a little difficult in the case of English literature.

It would be best to write English essays and some sentences and then give them to your mentor to check. You can understand and improves your mistakes after marking via a mentor.

8. Draw Charts and Flow Sheets

This tip is effective for beginners and school students. All the form of tenses is written in the form of the chart by making compartments on charts. Form of verbs and general rules are added in respected blocks.

Suppose you can make charts of tenses like past, present, and future. Their further types are also added in charts. You can make a column of active voice and passive voice or direct and indirect speech.

Uses of a preposition, use of articles, and use of verbs are also leaned in this method.

7. Select Specific Time For Learning English

You are doing many activities in a day, and sometimes you want to learn a certain thing, but you do not have time in your busy routine.

So you should select a specific time for learning and improving your English language. You will learn it if you focus on learning and improving the English language just for a half-hour.

For example – Some people have a habit of reading a page or half page of a book before going to bed. This habit helps them to learn some new ideas and points.

6. Use Apps And Websites

Some apps are very helpful in improving and learning the English language. These apps are available on different platforms, like android, ios, etc., and can be easily downloaded.

Reviews of people about a certain app are also available on the internet. You can check them for your satisfaction. But it is better if you have used a certain app by yourself because every person has a different opinion.

Some apps are paid, and some are unpaid. You can use unpaid apps, but I highly recommend paid apps if you can afford the paid apps. Some paid and unpaid apps are:

5. Watching English Movies and Documentary

English can be improved by watching English movies and documentary if you are interested in watching them. People worldwide liked to watch American series and English movies.

The non-native speaker can choose any item for watching to improve their English language. Pronunciation of English words can be learned by different movies and documentary because non-native has some difficulty in pronunciation of some words.

Sometimes, you cannot understand native speakers, but the practice of watching English movies can help you understand native English speakers and in spoken English. You should do that if you are interested in learning the English language very well.

4. Listening to English News and Songs

Songs have listened worldwide, and most people like to listen the English songs and very few are not interested in listening to songs.

A lot of good English music is available on YouTube, and you can choose this activity if you liked songs otherwise you can listen the English news. You can give some time to listening the English news.

This activity may be proving effective if you will spend just 15 minutes daily listening to English news. You can listen to the news on your mobile phone, laptop, or TV. You can also listen the news on your mobile phone during traveling. In this way, you get benefits, and your time will be saved.

3. Read English Novels And Newspapers

English novels are an excellent choice to improve your English language. You can improve your English skills by reading English material, and a lot of impressive books are available in the market.

Those books will give you brilliant ideas about life experiences and also improve your English language. You can read books in hard form or soft form. You can access the English book on your mobile phone.

Books are available on Google in PDF form, and you can download them. Different websites are available on the internet. You can create an account on those websites, and they will send you short stories via mail like medium daily digest. The medium daily digest has a lot of material on their websites, and they will send new highlights via mail to you after some days.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

Margaret Fuller

2. Writing

Writing is essential to improve your English language. Reading and writing are related to each other, and a good reader is a good writer. You should write some points in a notebook after reading something and no problem if it is just a point, and something is better than nothing.

Once you started English writing, then you will be improving your writing with time. It takes some time but remember success takes time. You will succeed in your goal after putting effort into it only.

So it would be best if you wrote something in a notebook like a quote, any lesson, or a new point because you learned many new things in your life, daily. The written practice of the English language will improve your English writing skills.

I can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss – you can’t do it alone.

John Cheever

1. Take Help from YouTube Videos

YouTube offers amazing content for you if you want to learn the basics of the English language. You can search the requested item on YouTube like the use of nouns, prepositions, phrases, verbs, direct and indirect, active, and passive voice.

In short, almost everything is available on YouTube for free. Sometimes you can speak and write English well, but you forget the basics of the English language, and the basics can be asked by you in certain exams.

Native pronunciation of some words is also learned via YouTube. You can avoid grammar mistakes and errors by taking help from Youtube videos.

English Basics

English becomes the most important language internationally in the world. The English language is important in almost every aspect of life, such as: studying abroad, business communication, dealing with aboard customers, dealing with native speakers on social media, etc.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney
Sharqa Naeem

Sharqa Naeem

I am an undergraduate student of Microbiology at Capital University of Science and Technology CUST Islamabad.

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