8 Best Tips To Improve Communication Skills and Speak Better Publicly

Strategies to Speak Better

People tend to express the most.  Who doesn’t want to express themselves. Everyone wants to present themselves in the most beautiful way.  One of the elements of external beauty is to speak beautifully, beauty in expression.  This work is not something very difficult.  It is enough to try to speak nicely and a few guidelines.

There are many people with very beautiful minds, very good to look, but even if they speak well, the listener gets angry.  They can’t explain to themself what to do.  So they feel restless in everything.  Though they have a good mind, they are not known as good men.

Speaking beautifully is really an art.  The first condition of smartness.  Many people have tried in many ways and tried to speak nicely but everyone has made that attempt the food of laughter.  They are the victim of crooked eyes in society even though they try to speak nicely.  

Do some analysis of yourself

How are you talking  How are you getting started?  What are you saying to whom etc?  With that how bold or normal or worse is your physical structure?  Is the voice more violent or normal or very sweet?  How is your knowledge?  It is better to write these analyzes on a piece of paper.  Will come in handy while practicing.  But you can remember if your memory is good.  It is important to keep this in mind when speaking beautifully.

Start with What You Can Afford

 Analysis has shown that your condition is very bad!  But what’s in it?  Won’t you start?  Of course, you do.  Remember that speaking beautifully depends entirely on practice.

 Emphasize the following points after starting the practice.  Remember that none of this can be missed.

1. Listen First

If you join a discussion, first listen to who is saying what. It’s not always possible, because if you’re a performer, you have to say something first. In that case, keep listening to the main topic by drawing everyone’s polite attention.  Write something down.  Write with reference to whatever you write – such as who said, why said, etc.  Also, notice who is talking.  Listen carefully to the one who speaks beautifully.  He probably knows a lot from you, what’s in it.  You too will know one day.  Follow and think about how to present yourself that way.

2. Application of Clear Opinion

Apply a clear look in a timely manner.  Don’t say things in a way that embarrasses anyone.  Do not talk in the middle of others. If you have to say it, politely say – sorry or excuse me.  Then say what you want to add to his words.

3. Speak with Confidence

Whatever you say, say it with confidence.  Nothing should be said about hesitation.  If someone asks why you are saying so confidently, give a nice explanation right away.  And give him a thank you for this.

4. Say Attention to the Environmental Situation

A discussion certainly does not have a specific environmental situation.  There is a change.  Sometimes it’s time to laugh, sometimes it’s time to be very serious.  Many times a serious situation is seen.  Do not obey everything in all situations.  Make timely comments at specific times.

5. Keep an Eye on the Topic

There are many who have started talking, sometimes went to give an example, in the middle of the example started a beautiful story joke.  And forgot the real topic.  At the end of the story, he said with a shameless smile – where was I?  Everyone present is very annoyed by the words of these people. No one wants to hear next time.  Surely everyone would waste their precious time listening to that person’s story?

 So pay attention to the topic.  If so, write it down.  Writing on paper is the only example of a story to give.  It will remind you where you really were.  Off-topic cannot be said all the time.

6. Take Time of Bear Comma Semicolon in the Middle of the Speech

Don’t just talk like a train.  Again, do not rest like standing at the station for a long time.  Take time to shave or pause.  So that it is convenient to understand.

7. Speak in Common Language

Speak in a language that everyone understands.  Avoid regional languages.  It is better not to speak in English.  Those who want to become scholars by speaking English are the food of laughter.  If any quote is in English it can be said.  However, in the international conversation, you will say the whole thing in English.  Don’t forget to speak in your own language.  Although the locals are happy with this, the international members are very upset.  So keep an eye out.  If anyone wants to know something in the local language, answer in English.  If you have to change the language, take permission.

8. Correct Pronunciation

Proper pronunciation is essential.  This requires practice.  You can set the shelf by speaking the correct Bengali pronunciation.  Everyone will want to hear what you have to say.  Some courses can also be done for this.



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