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If you are looking for your next trek with an ideal place for adventurers, spiritual, and cultural encounters. Then it’s time to say Nepal and it won’t let you upset. In recent years, Nepal this tiny country has become a popular trekking destination in the world with its breathtaking mountains, forest, and hill area. There are a plethora of options to choose like trekking, mountaineering, hiking, rafting in its fast-flowing rivers, and cultural celebration. Then this country will offer you lifetime memories that you have never experienced. 

While trekking in Nepal you will get hundreds of options for hiking and trekking routes. If you are looking for the experience that you will never forget with the opportunity to experience remote highland then I will strongly suggest Dolpo. 

Opened up for the tourist only in 1989, this high mountain valley is still unexplored and isolated with its beauty, and nature I am it will not upset you. With friendly people with big hearts and loving charm, culture, and life untouched by modern society.

If you have chosen Dolpo, I will promise you that it won’t let you upset in any conditions. If your planning to trek in this region. You must have to know that Dolpo is one of the restricted areas of Nepal. So trekkers need to have trekking permit form the department of immigration in addition to the trekker’s information system card to trek in this region. People who are willing to trek in this region must have extremely fit to endure this long and stretches en route.

Trekking in the remote area of Dolpo will lead you to the beautiful hidden valley and ancient shrines that have been untouched from the outer world and talking about Dolpo how can forget Phoksundo lake. Within the area of Shey Phoksundo National Park.

This lake is located at the elevation of 3,611.5 (11,849 ft) from sea level. On the lake southern end, there is a village name called Ringmo where you can stay and enjoy this blue lake which changes its color as the day passes. This lake never fails to fascinate visitor and it’s a main attraction for the Dolpo trek. 

Dolpo Trek with its numerous beauty during your trek you will encounter and pass through the high Himalayas and meet with mountain people who live in one of the highest human settlements in earth DHO-Tara valley.  From south and east, we can see the Dhaulagiri range, My Sisne and Kanjiroba in the west along with Tibetan plateau in north.

We can see people settlement at the altitudes of 3,600 to 4,071 meters from sea level. People are very friendly and hard-working most people are Buddhist. There are about 130 Gompas Buddhist Monasteries. People who have already had trekked this area never forget to praise the hospitality and homely environment apart from the natural beauty people of Dolpo is another attraction with their big heart always there to help and welcome people. 

After all the necessary documents and permit you have got then you can trek to Dolpo first we have to know what is the best session for trekking in this area. Winter can be very cold and the temperature goes down to the freezing level. So treks in Dolpo are closed-form November to April. There is very little rainfall in this region with annual rainfall less than 50mm so it makes only the trekking route of Nepal which can be trekked from May to October. 

One can get into Dolpo by Following Routes 

Route 1. By Plane 

Kathmandu – Nepalgunj – 45min then you can stay one night and catch a morning flight from Nepalgunj – Jhuphal (Dolpo Airport ) 35min from where you can start your trek.

Route 2. By Bus 

Kathmandu – Nepalgunj 14 hours by bus stay one night at Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj to Rimma (Jajarkot) then to Talubagar by small vehicle and trek to Dunai (3days).

This is an easy route. There is also another route but will take a long time and money.

This little information won’t be able to tell you the beauty, nature and it’s friendly people. I am sure trekking to Dolpo will be your lifetime experience and memories that you will be there forever. Undiscovered valley, high mountain pass, loving people, the blue sky during Dolpo trek. It’s a lifetime opportunity to feel this hidden valley.



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