Saturn and Its Effects on Human Life

Shani refers to the planet Saturn which is one of the planets in our solar system. Shani is the son of Sun and Chhaya. Shani dev idol is made up of iron. His icon consists of a black figure carrying a sword and sitting on a crow or buffalo or vulture. He is considered as a mail deity. Lord Shiva is the Guru of Shani dev. Saturn is Kaal (time) that is why he has some restrictions and responsibilities. It is the planet of hard words which means you have to work really hard in order to get good results.

Saturn always makes you build up your helping nature for others in need and distress. Saturn tests us in our difficult times. Saturn teaches us the lesson of discipline, practice, and commitment. Many people fear planet Saturn as it remains in the life of a person for the longest period of time among all the planets i.e. it comes into a person’s life for 19 years. Saturn is regarded as the God of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal, and liberation.

Saturn symbolizes dominance, power and change. Saturn is considered as the Lord of the 10th house in our zodiac chart which is the house of justice and karma. Saturn gives good result if it is placed in the houses 2, 3, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12th whereas its placement in the houses 1, 4, 5 and 6th is considered as bad. Sun, moon and mars are the enemies of planet Saturn whereas the planets like mercury, venus and Rahu are its friends. Planets like Jupiter and Ketu are neutral to the malefic effects of the planet Saturn. Saturn gets exalted if it is placed in the 7th house of the zodiac chart and in the 1st house it gets debilitated.

Signs of Good Saturn 

Saturn usually gives us good results at the age of 32. Saturn is a slow planet so it requires patience to get its good results i.e. justice is only delayed not denied.

1) You will have no attachment to money and the worldly things.

2) Saturn makes you to work hard.

3) Saturn makes you honest in your dealings.

4) You will obey your elders.

5) You will have the sense of responsibility.

6) You will be able to manage the situation very easily.

7) You will be very kind and helpful towards the poor and the friends.

8) Any how you will win.

Signs of Bad Saturn

If you have a week Saturn, you will have pain in bones and nerves. You will have constipation and slow healing of infectious diseases. You can also observe diseases like cancer, leprosy, diabetes, fever, and psychiatric disorders.

Remedies of Saturn

1) Worship Lord Hanuman on Saturday and Tuesday or you can also chant Hanuman Chalisa daily to get good results.

2) Worship Lord Shiva on Monday.

3) Chant Shani Chalisa on saturday.

4) Worship peepal tree and light mustard oil diya in front of it facing west.

5) Wear blue sapphire.

6) Donate urad dal black or feed the crows or dogs.

7) Abstain from alcohol on Tuesday and Saturday.

8) Fix a horse shoe at the entrance of your house.



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