Top 10 Popular Fairy Tales Of All Time For Kids

Fairy tales are eternal fancy moral fiction passed down through ages or written. Fairy tales consist of both evil and kind characters of royalty or vice versa. Most of them are popular fairy tales of hundreds of years, mainly focused on children’s interests.

Once it was passed by verbal form, it became available as books even with colorful images within the changes of decades. It is the digital era, it is readily available in animated cartoon form and movies.

Most of the stories start with the statement, “Once upon a time end with they lived happily ever after.” Every region got its fairy tales, which are listed below in the top ten summaries of fairy tales.

10. The Little Mermaid

This Scottish fairy tale is one of the tragic tales written by Hans Christian Anderson in 1837. It is the story of a mermaid named Ariel who is fascinated with life on land. She rescued a human prince from drowning and fell for him on one of her visits to the surface.

She approached the sea witch to become human to pursue her man. The sea witch gave her legs but took her voice and tongue on a condition that she should feel a soul by winning the prince’s heart. Otherwise, she will die of a broken heart and dissolve into the sea. Although she got legs, she felt like walking on sharp knives within every move.

She failed to win the love of her prince; instead, he married another woman from the land itself. Her sisters appeared from the sea with a knife from the witch when the mermaid’s heart was about to break.

They told her to kill the prince with the knife and put a drop of blood on her feet so that she would become a mermaid again. Instead of stabbing the prince, she dissolved herself into the seafoam by jumping into the sea.

So due to her good deed, she becomes an ethereal spirit, the daughter of the air, and even gained a soul for the next 300 years.

9. The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

It is a tale from Brothers Gimm’s German fairy tales. The town of Hamelin was facing rat infestation. A pied piper visited the city and offered to get rid of rats for money. As the mayor agreed, he led the rats away by playing the pipe. He led rats to the harbor, and they died.

The town folks failed to pay him as they agreed. In revenge, the piper seduced the whole children of the town by playing his pipe from the city, and no one could find them.

8. Thumbelina

A lonely widow wished to have a baby. A friendly fairy granted her wish by giving her a seed to plant. The plant had grown and bloomed with the most beautiful flower ever. There was a tiny baby girl inside, no more significant than the size of a thumb. So, she called her Thumbelina. Little Thumbelina took away her loneliness.

Once a frog saw Thumbelina and fell in love with her. The toed kidnapped her. Later she came across beetles, a mouse, and its friend. All of them treated her substandard.

During this time, she helped an injured swallow. This swallow rescued her. After facing many obstacles, she found another tiny person with wings, who is the king of flowers. He asked her to marry him, and she became the queen of flowers.

7. Rapunzel

It is a German fairy tale, later recorded by brothers Grimm in 1812. The story starts when a pregnant woman asks her man some Rapunzel from their nearby garden forbidden by a witch. The witch caught the husband red-handed while he fetches some of those. As a punishment, the husband reluctantly agrees to give their child to the witch.

The witch takes the child without any mercy when the baby is born and locks the girl away in a forest tower. That particular tower had no door, only one window at the top, and no one knew it. The witch herself entered, thereby letting her long hair down and using it as a ladder. She named her Rapunzel.

Unfortunately, a prince came up to see this and entered the tower. She eagerly came to know the outer world and fell in love with him. When the witch caught them, she cut her hair and replaced her from the tower.

The longing prince wandered and finally found Rapunzel as a mother to twin babies. She has conceived them from one of their evening trysts. When the obsessed prince knows about it, he hurled himself and becomes blind.

He got his eyesight back when her tears fell on his face. They together went to the Kingdom and lived happily ever after. The witch failed to stop the life cycle as it was destined to happen.

6. The Sword In The Stone

It is a legendary story of King Arthur of Britain. He was born to King Uther Pendragon. Merlin, the magician and the royal adviser, who could foresee the future, predicts that the good days will not last, and a miracle could only save England.

Arthur’s mother died after his birth, and his father in the next battle. So, Merlin took the child and gave him to Sir Ector, a good knight. His first son Kay chose knighthood, whereas the thin Arthur learned other good deeds with the supervision of Merlin. He taught him to have a good heart, big and strong.

Merlin set up the Excalibur and proclaimed that the next king would only be able to pull the sword out of that stone. Everyone failed to remove the magical sword. The boy Arthur dragged out the stuck sword and proved his right to the throne. Arthur symbolizes justice, chivalry, kingly power, and good leadership quality.

5. Aladdin

Aladdin is an adventurous ordinary orphan youngster who survives by stealing little things. Meanwhile, the beautiful princess Jasmine sneaks out of the palace due to the pressure of palace life.

The law says that she needs to choose only a prince to marry her, and she seldom finds a perfect one. Aladdin and Jasmine meet together, and palace guards capture them during their adventurous romance.

Jafar, the evil royal vizier and right hand to the king, dreams of becoming the next Sultan, who knows the magical lamp in the creepy cave. Disguised as an older man, Jafar shares it with Aladdin.

Aladdin and his pet monkey snatch the lamp and a magic carpet from the cave. By scrubbing the lamp, Aladdin confronts Genie with magical powers. Aladdin became Prince Ali married Jasmine after lots of marvelous adventures; in addition to this spoils Jafar’s evil plans to become the next Sultan.

4. Beauty And The Beast

Due to some unfortunate events, Beauty’s father lost his money. One day the father set out for a journey to get back at least a small part of his wealth. The two elder sisters who kept grieving for their former life demanded all sorts of expensive things in return, whereas the younger Beauty just wanted her father to come back safe or just a single rose.

During the journey, the father got lost and wandered into a castle. He saw some beautiful roses, and while picking up the roses, a gigantic beast caught him. The beast let him go under the condition that one of his daughters should send into the castle.

Beauty goes to the castle by her own will despite the elder daughters. She got ready to marry the beast as she believed in Beauty lay inside, and she did not want him to die. Time has passed, and the beast got sick.

Suddenly the beast disappeared and appeared a beautiful prince. It was a prince cursed by an enchanting fairy that the spell could have only been broken by a girl falling in love with him. They got married and lived happily ever after.

3. Snow White And Seven Dwarfs

Little Snow-white is the most charming Beauty. Her evil stepmother was jealous of Snow white’s Beauty and wanted to be the fairest in the land. She ordered Snow-white to be killed, but luckily the huntsman spared her life.

She came upon a cottage that belonged to seven dwarfs, and she grew with their supervision. When the wicked stepmother came to know about her, she disguised herself and gave her a poisonous apple.

She fell asleep after eating that apple, and the distressed dwarfs made a crystal coffin for her. Prince charming came by the cottage, fell in love with her, and kissed her, and thus she awoke. They got married and lived happily ever after.

2. Sleeping Beauty

A princess was born as a boon to the Kingdom. During the celebration ceremony, some fairies wished for her excellent deeds whereas an old fairy appeared who was angry not to invite.

In this context, she placed a spell that would pierce her finger on a needle at the age of sixteen and die after that. But the last good fairy made another spell that she would only sleep for hundred years, and with the kiss of true love, she would be awakened.

The king banned the spinning wheels in the entire country. The good fairies made everyone sleep. When she was sixteen, the disguised witch enchanted her to touch the needle, falling asleep. After hundred years, a prince found her, fell in love with her, and kissed her. So, everyone awoke, they married and lived happily ever after.

1. Cinderella

Cinderella story is the world-famous tale of a lonely teen mistreated by her evil stepmother and stepsisters. As a part of their torturing, they did not let Cinderella go to the ball dance arranged by the Kingdom to find the perfect partner for the prince.

Even within many limitations, her fairy godmother made it happen with magic. She danced with the prince, and he fell in love with her. She had to leave by midnight, so she ran but lost one of the glass shoes. With the help of that shoe, the prince found her ignoring the hindrance of her stepmother and stepsisters. They got married and lived happily ever after.


These are just ten popular fairy tales for kids out of thousands of them. With a slight touch of realism, fairy tales can teach moral lessons and values like kindness and patience to every kid. Notably, it will encourage every kid’s creative imagination. Children could distinguish between good v/s evil, or they may develop a strong personality.

It would be better to encourage children to read the original form of tales because the animated forms may vary from the original one. In addition to this, meeting up with animated movies before reading the text will discourage their imaginative world. Instead, they fall for the convincing dramatization of the same story.

Stories play a vital role in education that will shape kids’ world perspectives. It will strengthen literacy and influence their social standards. Moreover, mothers can reveal the marvelous world of stories to their children instead sticks up them with captivating trendy tick-tock or YouTube.

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