Top 10 Powerful Ways To Stop Phone Addiction And Stop Ruining Your Life

It will be hard to live without a phone even a single day in the present scenario. Smartphones conquer the entire world within an effortless single touch. However, it is not impossible to stop phone addiction.

Smartphones contributed to the development of technology. Phone can be used for various purposes, including messaging, calling, entertainment, and even shopping. I could say that all our basic requirements can be done via mobile with a single touch.

Studies reveal that excessive use of phones may affect our mental health and reduce our ability to focus. Thus mobile phones bring a negative impact on our life. The size and convenience of using the phones also increased the risk of excessive use. The fact is that technology is a good servant but a bad master, so we should not let phones be our master.

It is said that addiction makes us blind to reality, but this is also true because it may make us blind in vision too.

Digital eye strain is the major complication of increased mobile usage. It may cause watering, blurring of vision, foreign body sensation, itching, pain, heaviness of eyelids, diplopia, and so on. So it can also affect our visual health. However, practicing the 20-20-20 rule can reduce the risk of digital eye strains.

Headache is one other complication of phone addiction. Phone addiction can also affect our posture and cause diseases like scoliosis, occipital, neuralgia. Occipital neuralgia may lead to headaches and other pain.

Teenagers tend to use cell phones more, and they are more addicted. It may cause decreased connectivity in the brain and affect emotional decision-making regulations. They are more prone to isolation also. They may also be addicted to smoking, alcohol consumption, and so on.

They carry it everywhere and use it even while driving and eating. They may feel isolated when the phone battery is low and aggressive when they misplace the phone.

Most often, cell phones represent social status via social media. Phone Addicts may develop low self-esteem also.

Phone addiction can lead to GABA dysfunction and loss of grey matter. Increased phone use can decrease or increase GABA secretion. Any disturbance to this system indicates a sign of addiction.

Grey matter controls movements, memory, emotions. It is found that the grey matter appearance is similar to that of drug addicts, and in phone addicts, there is a change in the concentration of grey matter.

The treatment for phone addiction includes group therapy, psychotherapy, motivational interview, medication-assisted treatment. But we should find something to get rid of this addiction. Here are the top 10 powerful ways to stop phone addiction, you can try now.

10. Self-observation

It is an important task to determine whether you are a phone addict or not. Sometimes you don’t know that you are addicted to phones. However, those who use mobile phones more than 6 hours come under the category of phone addicts. You can quickly assess this task by evaluating the screen time of your mobile phone.

If you know that you are being addicted to phones, you should find out why, when, and how you are using mobile phones excessively. You may have a bundle of answers, but you should sort out the essential objectives to use your phone and do it.

9. Self-determination

It is said that action should speak louder than words. It would be best if you were self-determined to stop the misuse of phones and over addiction, and you should stop phone addiction slowly.

You can reduce phone addiction slowly by decreasing hours of use. However, it will be difficult for the first few days, but you should accomplish it and not merely say it. You can start by placing your phone on shelves or in bags that keep phones out of your reach.

8. Set Limits And Challenges

You can limit your phone use by making a phone dial list. You can note down the timings to use mobile phones. The total hours to use the phones should not be more than 3-4 hours in a day.

It would be best if you had control over your favorite apps. You can place your favorite apps either in a hidden folder or out of the screen. You can also set a timer for using your favorite apps so that the phone may beep when time exceeds.

7. Focus On Your Health

Studies show a relationship between high social media use and depression. Youngsters use social media to compare themselves with their friends, leading to unhealthy competition and loneliness.

It is noticed that smartphone use and anxiety have an inverse relationship. The more the person uses the phone, the more will be their anxiety.

6. Sleep Better And Wake Up Better

Excessive use of phones may affect your sleep. Blue light radiations from mobile can cause decreased melatonin secretion, which may reduce your sleep. It can also affect your mental health.

So try to place your phone away from your bed and sleep well. It is noticed that people find an excuse to use phones during the night by setting alarms. So to avoid this rubbish reason you can buy an alarm clock itself. It will be more helpful.

Have a mobile-free morning. Do not use your phone instantly after you wake up; instead, you can drink plenty of water, go for exercise or meditation, and have a productive morning.

5. Easy To Use; Make It Hard

It would be best to place your favorite apps out of the home screen or place them in a hidden folder so that they may not be easily accessible.

Another interesting tip is to have a lengthy, complex password. Make it more challenging to remember, so you may feel lazy to open your phone or the app. The password can have 15 or 18 characters mixed with alphabets and numbers.

Go for a self phone holiday – try not to use the phone for a day or some hours. It will actually help you to reduce addiction.

4. Become A Responsible Parent

Nowadays, even small children are addicted to smartphones. Try not to educate children about social apps and cartoons. You may suggest children watch cartoons only on television. Most parents give their phones to their children to use YouTube as it reduces their duties.

Children may have sleep disturbance due to excessive phone use. Make a plan on using phones for children and suggest your children play outdoor so that the child can breathe fresh air and have direct contact with nature.

3. Focus On Yourself

You can focus on your goals, aspirations, aims. Set a purpose and work for it. So that you don’t have enough time to play games, chat, or call. Grow, develop and move on with your goal.

You probably know that you have not been addicted to the phone itself but to some apps on your phone. You can use the phone productively. You can read stories via apps, read news, and so on. It will not harm your mental health; instead, it gives you mental pleasure.

2. Have A Peep Into The Real World

Smartphones are the ones offering virtual relationships. It is a fact that teenagers immediately got addicted to virtual talks and relationships via messages and calls.

Teenagers become more addicted to online friends than the real ones. They have not seen each other in most cases, but they build a strong relationship via messages. Most online relationships are toxic; they cheat each other. Sometimes this may lead to depression and loneliness.

Instead, you can build a solid and good relationship with your family members, neighbors, real-world friends, and so on. You can have time for them too. Do not bring phones to your dining table while interacting with your family. Try to avoid communication gaps between family members.

We tend to use phones whenever we feel bored, so try to engage in other activities like playing with friends, reading books, cooking.

1. Turn Off Notifications

It is better to turn off notifications of your favorite apps. The beeping sound of notifications withdraws your concentration, and you are subconsciously forced to have a look on your phone.

The thing is that you can turn off notifications of your essential apps as they may affect your job and studies. The notifications make you more addicted to your phone. You can even turn off notifications of a particular app on your phone via notification settings.

Turning off notifications will subsequently decrease your phone usage. It would be best if you gave it a try.


It is better to do something after it was supposed to have been done than not to do it at all, so now start these tips to avoid phone addiction.

Practice mindfulness to curb urges. Practice adopting coping strategies like exercise, breathing, progressive muscular relaxation.

It would be best if you understood that simply scrolling on a screen is a waste of time. Try to spend more healthy relationships with family and friends. Live a healthy and happy life!

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