Top 10 Shocking Fake Foods China is Selling You Won’t Believe Exist

Nowadays, there are such shopkeepers who have become used to selling adulterated goods to the customers to earn maximum money. Due to this, adulterated things are seen in essential household items like milk, tea, sugar, cereals, turmeric, apple, flour, oil, and many such things. 

That is to say; we do not get pure food items even with full money. This adulteration is done so meticulously that it becomes tough to differentiate between real food and adulterated food. Seeing the adulteration of food and drink, the common person feels himself completely cheated.

But what should we do when the food items in our market are not adulterated but absolutely fake, and we do not even recognize by seeing that the thing is real or not?

We know all this, yet today there are some countries in the world who can play with mankind in any way for their economic development. Whether the human race is dead or sick, they just mean with money how their country should develop economically.

The name of that country is China. Today we are going to tell you some terrible truth about this country. No matter how big China’s market is, they have no match in fraud. In China, not only electronic goods but also food items are made counterfeit, and they are also sold indiscriminately.

Some time ago, plastic rice came to India from China. But apart from this, there are many things to eat, which China sends not only to India but to many countries of the world and does business of billions of dollars.

So, in today’s article, we will talk about the top 10 shocking fake foods China is selling. Knowing about which, whenever you go to buy it, you will be shocked, and this information can scare you and shake your faith.

10. Fake Cardboard Bread

Fake Cardboard Bread

Chinese street vendors used to prepare double roti from cardboard. For this, they soften the cardboard by mixing it with the chemical. Then the fat of the pig and the flavor powder are mixed in it. After this, make its stuff and cook it in steam.

But the funny thing is that the CTV journalist who revealed this report was detained, and the Chinese government said that the foreign media is jumping on the matter too much. So now, if you do such things, then the foreign media will reveal your poles or praise you a little.

9. Fake Duck Blood

Fake Duck Blood

Whatever is in high demand makes a business of that thing in China. Duck Blood is cut in China, and slices are made of it, which sells itself expensive, and the demand is also high among the people.

It also makes vermicelli soup. Therefore, in some places of China, people mix chemicals in the blood of pigs or buffalo to make duck blood and cheat people.

8. Fake Pork Meat

Fake Pork Meat

The reason for making pork is that there was a great demand worldwide, and pig farming is done on a large scale in China. For this pig is fed with Lean Meat Powder, which is very harmful to the human heart.

Therefore, this Lean Meat powder has been banned worldwide in the year 2002. But some meat processing companies in China are still using lean meat powder, and many people eat this type of meat, especially in European countries.

7. Fake Tofu

Fake Tofu

This fake tofu which is made from chemicals, is a dish made from soy milk.

When raids were conducted in some places in China, it was found that fake tofu is being made by mixing monosodium glutamate and some colors in flour, and in some places, tofu was also being sold by applying chemicals to the leather.

6. Fake Plastic Rice

Fake Plastic Rice

If someone told us 10 years ago that even rice can be made of plastic, we would immediately consider him insane. But in these 10 years, China made plastic rice and showed it to the world and fed it.

Actually, fake rice is sold in the market by mixing it with real rice; seeing the taste, color, and size of these fake rice, you will not say that this rice is made of plastic.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, and plastic are used to make this fake rice, which helps to give it the shape of real rice. But plastic rice remains hard after cooking.

When the rice water that comes out of these becomes thick, then that water looks like plastic, and if it is dried and burnt, then it starts burning like plastic.

If anyone ate three bowls of this fake rice, it means we ate a big polythene bag. This rice is neither digested nor rotten by going into the stomach; eating it will cause stomach disease.

But if anyone eats fake rice daily, then there is also a possibility of cancer, and if we compare fake rice and real rice. So, it will turn out that the fake rice is quite shiny, light in weight, without breakage, and neat.

It also takes a long time to cook because it is plastic, so keep in mind while soaking that plastic rice does not float in water as it is not 100% plastic. Potatoes and sweet potatoes would also have been added to it, while some real rice floats in the water.

5. Fake Wines

Fake Wines

A report by China’s Central Television (CTV) said that nearly half of the wine sold in China is counterfeit. People working in China’s wine industry believe that about 90% of the premium wines made in China are fake.

It is said that after this news, the Chinese government had worked on it, and to bring a solution to this problem, the Chinese government established a wine testing center in the Guangdong area, where the fake wine was made so that the real wine could be tested.

To be detected, some of the producers also supported the government and created such an app in which it can be found through wine bottles and cartoons, whether real or fake.

Nevertheless, during a raid, the police had recovered 40 thousand bottles of spurious liquor, which was worth about $32 million, and this did not happen once.

In the year 2012, the Chinese police took action by registering 350 such cases of spurious liquor. You can understand how much fake liquor they must have made.

4. Fake Rice Noodles

Fake Rice Noodles

Rice noodles were made in South China in 2010 by mixing rotten grains and carcinogenic substances such as sulfur dioxide and sold in large quantities. For example, In South China’s Dongguan city, 50 factories were producing about 5 million kilograms of unsweetened rice noodles per day from stale and rotten grains.

After bleaching the spoiled rice in manufacturing factories, adding other ingredients like sulfur dioxide to it, rice noodles were made 3 times more than rice noodles.

Now when these fake rice noodles were fed to some pigs, it was found that their organs had become weak, and other health-related problems had developed. After this, the game of these fake rice noodles came to the fore.

3. Fake Egg

Fake Egg

China has been very famous in the matter of making chicken eggs artificially. In China, fake eggshells were made from calcium carbonate. The yellow and white part of those fake eggs was made by adding Sodium Alginate, Alum, Gelatin, Edible Calcium Chloride Water, and food coloring. 

First, a mixture of sodium alginate and hot water was poured into the shell of an imitation egg.

After this, egg white was prepared through other chemicals, including gelatin benzoic acid alum. Gelatin, Benzoic Acid, Alum, Paraffin Wax, Gypsum Powder, Calcium Powder, among other things, were used to prepare the eggshell.

Now people bought this fake egg, there is no harm in it, but till then they ate those eggs, everything was fine, but after eating it was difficult to digest and the business of this fake egg in China came to the force.

2. Fake Rat Meat

Fake Rat Meat

In China, imitation mutton from rats is sold as mutton mixed with chemicals in the meat of the fox and oak. News had also come; if it had come in front of you, then you would have known.

A seller in China disclosed that he had sold $1 million worth of imitation rat meat there and used other animals to make mutton from fake rats that were several times larger than rats.

According to him, he had made fake rat mutton by mixing it with nitrate, gelatin, and curcumin in fox meat, and by the time it was discovered, he had sold the fake rat mutton for approx. $1 million, and people had eaten it somewhere.

1. Fake Honey

Fake Honey

In China, most of the fake honey is sold in their Jinan province. In this area, it costs only 10 Yuan to make 1 kg of fake honey, and the same fake honey is sold for 60 Yuan. That is 6 times profit directly in 1 kg. The funny thing is that fake honey looks more real and tastier than real honey.

After this news came to the fore, instructions have been published in the world’s newspapers to identify such real and fake honey. Now the reason for this is that China is the world’s largest producer of honey, which exports it to other countries as well.

According to a report, it was found that 10% of the total honey sold in the European country France was fake, which was either made in Eastern Europe or China.

So, these are the top 10 shocking fake foods China is selling and export to many parts of the world. Apart from this, there are many other things that are made fake in China. So, next time while buying such food items, remember to check those things carefully.

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