Top 10 Healthy Hair Care Tips To Prevent Hair fall

Hair fall has become a common problem in people, irrespective of age and gender. We can even see teenagers facing hair fall, which is at a very early stage. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best healthy hair care tips which maintain your hair health.

Hair fall and the quality of hair in a person depend on many factors like genetics. There are different hair types like curly, straight, and wavy. Different hair types should be treated differently, and the haircare products also should be chosen based on the person’s hair type.

Healthy hair is a dream for most people of every age; as people get older, they start losing their hair slowly and may become bald. It is essential to take good care of your hair to prevent hair fall and maintain good healthy hair.

Many different hair care products are available in the market, which can be very dangerous as they may contain many chemicals that are not good. Shampoo from different brands comes with different qualities and ingredients.

Some brands use harmful chemicals which should be avoided at any cost. Some brands use only natural ingredients which are safe to use.

Chemicals used in products can damage your hair slowly, which you may overlook. These chemicals may give the temporary hair shine but will gradually kill your hair with continuous use. Always look for natural products or products which use natural ingredients over the chemicals to avoid other health problems.

The products having chemicals in them can be seen promoted by celebrities in some advertisements as the company hire them to influence people and increase their profit through sales. Never fall for any advertisements where chemical products are showcased.

Many natural products available at home can be used to replace the chemical products that will protect your hair. Natural products are always the best thing to choose for skin and hair care.

As we grow old, we start losing our hair, and wrinkles start forming in our skin which is natural. But it can be controlled to an extent by taking good care of it. Some people get hair falls or some hair conditions because of some problems with their hormones which they should consult a good dermatologist and take some medications as suggested by the doctor.

If you start getting severe hair fall or some hair conditions, It’s best to consult a doctor. Not only for medicines, but Dermatologists can also suggest products that are best for your hair based on the hair type and condition.

In today’s generation, most people are health conscious and take good care of their bodies when compared to older generations. There are also many different cosmetic brands coming up daily with different products. Here are the top 10 healthy hair care tips to prevent hair fall:

10. Wash Your Hair When Needed

It is one of the most important tip from our list of healthy hair care tips, wash your hair when needed simply means that you shouldn’t over wash it. Washing your hair regularly is also essential to ensure that the scalp is free of dirt and excess oil.

This depends on your hair type and personal preference. A person with dry hair should not wash it daily as it can damage your hair. On the other hand, the person with oily hair is advised to wash their hair on alternate days to keep it clean and free from excess oil.

Find your hair type, Understand whether it’s dry or oily and follow a routine that works best for you.

9. Always Use a Chemical Free Shampoo

The shampoo comes in a variety of colors, textures, and ingredients. It is always best to use a chemical-free shampoo.

Everything has become a business in today’s world, and the brands do not much value the customers’ health. Most of the shampoos in our market are loaded with chemicals that will damage your hair over continuous use. Chemical-based shampoos can cause you hair conditions like frizzy hair, split ends, and dry scalp.

Go for natural alternatives if you are looking for a shampoo; a few brands sell chemical-free shampoos by using natural ingredients.

8. Don’t Rub your Hair Hard After a Shower

Some people rub their hair hard after a shower with a towel to dry the water out of the hair, which should be avoided.

It is essential to avoid it as wet hair is always easy to break than dry hair. When you take a shower, the hair will be wet and easily breakable. When you rub it with a towel, it can break the hair easily, which leads to split ends and hair loss.

Take time to take care of your hair and let it dry by gently tapping the hair with a soft towel.

7. Use a Good Hair Oil

Using a good hair oil can protect your hair from regular wear or tear and can also prevent hair from getting dry.

Oil your hair once or twice a week to ensure your hair is not getting dry. It is not advised to oil your hair daily as it can attract more dirt into your hair and take away the essential oils needed for your hair.

Using oil on hair can nourish your hair, keep hair hydrated, and strengthen your hair.

6. Avoid Hair Wash In Saltwater

Avoid washing your hair in saltwater as it can damage your hair cuticles and can also irritate your scalp.

Some swimming pools will have chlorinated water, which should be avoided. Cover your hair if you visit such swimming pools and make your hair safe from chlorine.

Chlorinated water can also make your hair tangled; always use good clean water from your well to avoid such risks.

5. Avoid Hot Showers

Taking a shower in hot water can make your scalp drier as hot water takes away all the natural oils from your scalp.

Take a shower in cold water as it is the best and safer practice for your hair to stay healthy and prevent hair loss. Keeping the natural essential oil in your scalp is necessary as it benefits your hair in many ways.

A hot shower can also irritate your skin, cause itching, and increase the blood pressure in your body.

4. Drink More Water

Water has many functions in our body, like preventing headaches, keeping the body hydrated, and improving your complexion.

Drinking more water can keep your hair healthy and promote hair growth from root to tip. It can also help in preventing split ends and dryness. Not only for hair, but water can also prevent the formation of wrinkles in your skin and make it retain its elasticity.

Always try to drink 3-4 liters of water daily to keep your body hydrated and functioning properly.

3. Have A Healthy Diet

Just like drinking water is essential for your hair, having a healthy diet is also something to be followed.

The food you eat can affect your body in many ways. Hair is made of amino acids and proteins. In order to keep it healthy, It is essential to provide your body with the right nutrition.

Some of the best food for healthy hair are eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and berries.

2. Condition Your Hair

Just like you do shampoo your hair to make it clean, It is essential to condition your hair when you take a shower.

When you use a shampoo, It will wash away all the dirt and make your scalp drier. To keep your scalp hydrated, Condition your hair just like how you moisturize your skin after a cleanser.

Conditioning will keep your hair away from dryness and prevent the scalp from getting irritated.

1. Stop Combing Wet Hair

Avoid combing your hair right after a shower as the hair will still be wet, leading to breakage of hair and split ends.

Before you comb your hair, make sure your hair is dry enough, and always use a wide-toothed comb for your hair to prevent it from getting damaged. Stop combing your hair when in the shower to prevent it from getting tangled and broken.

Comb your hair daily in a gentle way when it’s dry because it can activate your sebaceous glands, which is beneficial for your hair.


There are also many other things to be noted when you do your hair care routine, like using the right products. Some products can work for some people and not for others. So always use products which work best for you.

Start your hair care routine today so that it will stay healthy as you grow older and you can prevent hair loss. Some people lose their self-confidence when they lose their hair as it is a visible part of our body.

If the reason behind your hair loss is due to hormones, It is suggested to consult a dermatologist before treating yourself. A qualified dermatologist can help you out with all the problems related to your skin, hair, and nails.



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