Top 10 Best Fitness Tips That Every Fitness Freak Should Know

Fitness has become an essential topic among people of every age group in today’s world. Unlike older generations, the new generation gives more importance to Fitness and well-being, and everyone wants to achieve their dream body. In this article, we will discuss the best fitness tips that you should know.

Achieving the proper fitness level is not easy. It is a long journey that doesn’t require any shortcuts and requires a very high dedication level and consistency, which many may find challenging to follow.

Fitness became more critical among people when people started getting sick often and found out that Fitness or some physical activities can keep most of the issues under control and improve the immunity level in a person’s body.

It is also said that Fitness can control aging and improve skin quality as there will be increased blood flow to all parts of the body. It is also suitable for our heart and can prevent heart attacks.

A myth said people below 18 age should not do fitness activities, but it got debunked by studies. It is suggested that people of any age group can get involved in physical activities to improve their well-being.

There is also a dark side to Fitness and bodybuilding like every other topic, which is the use of steroids and growth hormones to gain muscles in a short time which can be very dangerous when practiced.

One shouldn’t choose any shortcuts when it comes to Fitness because it can contain a lot of adverse side effects. Using steroids or growth hormones can result in many health-related problems like heartburn, indigestion, insomnia, and severe skin conditions like acne.

One of the most crucial things if you are on your fitness journey and want to achieve your goals is to be patient and understand that the process will be long and involve a lot of hard work. It can take years to achieve the body in your dreams, as muscle growth is a slow process that involves a lot of consistency.

The famous bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger started his fitness journey and chose his career in bodybuilding at the age of 14. Many other bodybuilders began their fitness journey at a very young age and have been successful, clearly showing there is no particular age to chase your dreams.

Many people of older age groups (60 – 80) work out and maintain their fitness level. These people are an inspiration for the younger generation people. It helps them to understand, watch and grow.

It is essential to learn and understand Fitness and well-being before you start your journey to avoid the confusion related to workouts and improving your physique.

Here are the top 10 best fitness tips that every fitness freak should know:

10. Take A Rest Day

It is not advised to train every day as your body needs rest to recover the muscles broken down during your workout sessions.

You can work out for 4-6 days a week and take a rest for a day or two to give time for your muscle recovery. Intensive training without rest days can lead to overtraining and cause health issues.

Always stick to what your body says. Everyone has a different type of body which can take a different amount of work into it, Stop comparing your body with others and never train it as others do.

Rest days are essential for muscle repair, preventing fatigue, and overall restoration. You can do low-impact workouts like Yoga and Walking on your rest days which can help your body stay active and also recover at the same time.

9. Find a Good Trainer

It is always important to find yourself an excellent trainer to support you reach your fitness goal. Make sure your trainer is well qualified.

You can find certified trainers from your gym. Many fitness trainers train their clients online through audio and video calls. Without a good trainer, it will be confusing to understand if the workout form you are doing is correct or wrong.

Good trainers can guide you with your diet and workout plans based on your body type and what goal you need to achieve.

8. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

It is essential that you believe in yourself and stop comparing yourself with your friends or others.

Everyone has a different kind of body that needs different training and diet levels as we all are different through age, gender, height, and weight. Choose a workout plan and a diet based on your goal and what’s best for your body.

There will be people who try to bring you down or body shame you. Ignore every negative comment and focus on your fitness journey, and follow these fitness tips.

7. Be Consistent and Patient 

Consistency and being patient are essential for Fitness if you need to achieve something. Without being consistent, you can never reach your goal and make your fitness journey slow down. It can take months and even many years to reach your goal.

Being patient is also very important as, at the beginning of your fitness journey, you may not see any results, but never quite what you do. Your hard work will show if you are patient enough, and sometimes it can take a lot of time.

6. Avoid Ego Lifting 

Ego lifting is something which is very common nowadays. Always try to avoid it at any cost.

When someone around you lifts heavier weights, It slowly alters your ego, and you try to lift the same weight or lift heavier. This is very dangerous because you may not be ready enough to lift that particular weight, leading to a muscle injury.

It is essential to avoid such mistakes when you work out. Focus on yourself and not others.

5. Always Monitor Your Progress

Consistently monitor your progress to determine if you are improving with the workout and diet plans that you follow.

In simple words, try to check your weight weekly once to see if there has been a decrease or increase based on your goal. If you don’t see any progress, you should make changes to your diet and workout plans that you follow.

Even the slightest progress is still progress and should be taken into consideration as Fitness needs time to be achieved.

4. Reward Yourself Along the Journey

It is ok to reward yourself with a cheat meal (food that will not lead you to your fitness goals) or a concert ticket to keep you motivated.

As Fitness and achieving your goals is not at all an easy process. There are chances when you feel demotivated or let down along the journey. To avoid that, Reward yourself with something that will make the process feel easy.

It is not wrong to do what makes you happy and keeps you motivated to achieve your goals.

3. Get A Partner with Similar Goals

Having a partner has a lot of advantages when it comes to Fitness. Choose someone with similar goals.

Partner with similar goals connects with you more quickly than anyone else. If the goal for both you and your partner is weight loss, It will be easy to get along by following the same workout and diet plans.

Partners can also motivate you and help you with weights, as lifting alone is sometimes a risky practice as you may lose balance.

2. Keep A Count On Your Calories

Counting calories is essential if you’re serious about your Fitness as it helps you reach your goals.

If you are someone who wants to reduce your body weight, It is advised to follow a calorie deficit diet. On the other hand, if your goal is weight gain, follow a calorie surplus diet.

Counting calories will help you understand what to eat more and what to eat less and take you one step closer towards your dream physique.

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Just like food, it is important to drink plenty of water if you are in the fitness world as it has many incredible benefits.

Drinking plenty of water can help digestion, weight loss, and improve skin health. It is recommended that women consume a minimum of 2.7 liters and men consume a minimum of 3.7 liters per day. Water also has many other benefits and is considered a basic need of human beings.

We lose water from our body as a part of normal body functions like sweating, So it is essential to replace it to keep the body healthy and hydrated.


There are plenty of things to be noted before starting your fitness journey to reach your dream physique.

Make sure you learn and understand well about the process and stick to it without fail. Have a positive mind towards your goal as it’s said that a positive body comes from a positive mind.

Information about health and Fitness is easily available across the internet from many different sources which can be referred to and put to use; It can help you gain knowledge before you go for it. Make sure you choose the right resources and you are guided towards your goal without a shortcut.

Avoid anything that can bring harm to your body and health, like anabolic steroids, and go for healthy replacements like a good diet with a good workout plan based on your body type and your goals.

Let’s hope our generation and future generation become aware of the importance of fitness and health and make this world a healthy home.



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