Top 10 Haunted Places You Can Find In Any City Or Town

If you love to watch ghost movies and shows, you must be enthusiastic about experiencing paranormal activity or seeing a ghost. Although seeing a ghost is not at all an easy thing.

Sometimes becoming a paranormal activity witness may become very dangerous, and even an evil soul can possess you. So please don’t take it lightly.

There are some places in every town where paranormal activities can be witnessed. So if you want to see a ghost, there must be a ghost waiting at some locations. Here are the top 10 haunted places you can find in any city or town.

10. Historical Places

There are many monuments or some historical places which are kept open for visitors in the daytime and are closed at night. Even some museums etc., which have a connected past with it.

With the good and enjoying moments, it must be having some bad incidents occurred once till many years. The spirits get connected to it, and many people claim to see ghostly figures at nighttime at these historical places.

If you contact the security guards, then you can find the truth about any paranormal activities observed by them.

9. Some Houses At The Forest Areas Or Deserted Locations

You must have been to forests or some forest kind of areas at the outskirts of the City; there you must have seen some houses located at those lonely places too, if you saw the kind of people living there then you may have realized that the people living there are little weird kinds of guys.

Even you may be curious to know about the people who live in those alienated places and why? There can be many reasons, including poverty, phobia from the population, or even a criminal case forcing them to hide from society. These people used to do farming, eat their food and spend their lives. But are these the only reasons for this kind of people? Not absolutely.

Even some paranormal reasons included the people performing black magics like the sorceress etc. Also, at some completely alienated places, like deep inside the forest, ones are the home of witches.

While traveling through the train, you can see some completely deserted houses in the deep forest areas, and even some evil spirits exist there. And in this case, it would be very dangerous to visit those houses at night directly.

8. Blinking Streetlights

If you had ever visited a lonely road at night where one or two streetlights must be blinking continuously, the reason behind it that comes first in your mind is that the streetlights may be defective. But is it the only possible reason?

Not actually; as many of you know that ghosts can fluctuate electricity and control it easily; that’s why any paranormal reason can even be included in a lonely road with fluctuating streetlights, which is proven by a paranormal society.

How to identify really haunted place, or it’s just a defective light? Some creepy behavior determines that the streetlights are not normal light. When you see a Blinking streetlight from the far, it doesn’t appear easy, but when you get closer to it.

It suddenly stops flickering or completely turns on or off, and even ongoing further; it again starts blinking, then it shows a confirmation presence of any paranormal energy. This kind of thing can be found occasionally in every City.

7. Places Where A Particular Unknown Face Comes To Your Mind

If you visit an unknown place for the first time, and suddenly in your mind, there comes a face of an unknown person continuously. Many times then there must be a past attached with that entity, whose vibrations come to your subconscious brain and let its image see.

Even that spirit must be purposely possibly contacting you. If some hallucinations come into your mind like someone is dying or any crime happening, then the spirit must communicate to you. You can visit these places and even try to help out these spirits.

6. Some Deserted Roads

If you ever come across any street which is not used by the people very often and is being left deserted every time, the reason that comes to your mind may be due to its wrong location or nonrequirement may occur, but is it really so?

The answer can be dependent. Even people used to prefer other ways or different streets for going to their offices, homes, and regular usage. Even both roads may be similar, but most of them often prefer a particular street.

It all happens because of bad vibes coming from that street which may be due to the presence of a paranormal entity. While going through that road at night, you can notice some horror incidents.

5. Sea Beaches At Night

During the daytime, we can see a lot of population enjoying at the beaches, but till the night comes, it becomes completely vacant. The vibes at these beaches at the nighttime give you a different level of horror.

Because many people die inside the sea due to drowning, that’s why the soul, with a horrible experience of death, comes to the shores for haunting people. Some beaches like Dumas Beach, Gujarat, India, are famous for their horror incidents. A witch is observed everywhere at the beach at midnight.

Similarly, at the seashores, you may come to become a paranormal witness. Playing horror games like Charlie Charlie and Ouija Board, etc., becomes more effective at these places.

You can easily find a beach in many countries and whenever you go to these places don’t miss the horrors of the beaches at nighttime.

4. Graveyards

A grave is a place where any dead body is buried. And at a large Graveyard, one or another spirit shall be present who haven’t left this world for many reasons.

These spirits can be witnessed at nighttime by playing simple rituals like Ouija board or others. Even one can help out these souls by contacting them and fulfilling their last wishes.

Graveyard can easily be found in any city or village, where you can even go with your friends for some exciting horror challenges.

3. Haunted Gardens Or Parks

Have you ever felt like dizziness on visiting any particular garden or park? I had felt it in a garden every time I go. In this kind of garden, you will never find a lot of population or kids playing, and when you go, a kind of headache will come to you gradually.

On the haunted gardens or parks, you will find no children playing over there because of some unknown negative vibe coming to their subconscious, and hence they left playing at that place.

This all happens because of the presence of any evil soul over there, which gives dizziness as evidence of its presence. And that’s why we buy our good or bad feelings towards it. So, wherever you come across this kind of garden or park, then make it a target for ghost hunting.

2. Some Haunted Plots

Have you ever seen a building where regularly incidents like uncertain deaths of people have been heard? There may be a family coming to live, but they face grief every time, or many bad incidents happen with the people who come to live at that particular house.

The reason behind this curse is the location at which the building is located. It must be having some worse past associated with that plot. Any graveyard or Mortuary could have existed at that place, and now the peoples constructed a building over it, which is why the curse goes with them.

If you want to encounter a ghost, then find such a building where some bad incidents used to take place from time to time. These kinds of places are present somewhere or the other in every City.

1. An Abandoned House

You must have come across abandoned or not used buildings while traveling in your City many times. Then what thoughts came to your mind? Are they really haunted!! Or is a ghost present there?

Then you must ignore the place in the nighttime and go inside it in the daytime to see some paranormal activities. But you have significantly fewer chances in that condition for paranormal activity witnessing.

If you ever found an abandoned bungalow, you can easily know whether it is really a haunted one or not! If people are living nearby, then 1st you must contact them, ask about whether they have noticed any unusual things happening around that house like coming of some creepy voices or any ghost sightings seen by the people living there, if so then the abandoned house is a Haunted one. You may surely visit instead in the hope of experiencing any paranormal activities.


This article is just for knowledge purposes, and we don’t want any of our readers to get harmed while visiting these horror locations. So do everything with the highest safety and in the presence of any experts, and if you want my advice, then don’t go any of the places.

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Jigar Vyas

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