Top 10 Dog Breeds Around The World | Most Popular Dog Breeds in 2023

Who doesn’t love dogs and want to pet them right away? As said, dogs are man’s best friends and there is no lie about that. Dogs are the most faithful beings on the planet. They love and protect their family members unconditionally even if it means sacrificing their own lives.

Even research says dogs can uplift a person’s mood if they are sad. They can sense sadness or anger from people. The presence of dogs can have therapeutic effects also. Not only this, dogs have powerful noses and their intuitive nature can detect natural calamities like earthquakes.

Even the Scientists have no technology to detect earthquakes in advance but the sixth sense in dogs do. They have incredible hearing senses and can hear frequencies as high as 47,000 Hz to 67,000 Hz. Dogs are even trained and used in police, airports, and the military as they can sense danger too.

Here is a list of the top 10 dog breeds around the world and the reason why they are so popular.

10. Dachshunds


Popularly known as “doxies,” they have long elongated bodies with short legs and walk with pride and confidence. They were originally bred for hunting, and because of their short legs they are low towards the ground thus they pick up scents really fast and their long bodies help to dig into badger burrows.

They are also known as “wiener dogs” because of their long bodies that resemble hotdogs. Moreover, the original name of the hotdog was “The Dachshund sausage” which was named so after the breed’s name. Their average lifespan is about 12-16 years.

9. German Shorthaired Pointers

German Shorthaired Pointers

German Shorthaired Pointers are of the versatile breeds and there isn’t any sport that they cannot excel in. They are known for their intelligence, power, courage, speed, and agility. They were originally bred in Germany as hunting dogs because of their energetic and sporty behavior.

They need lots of exercise and physical activities like swimming, running, playing, etc. They are loyal companions and make great family pet dogs. Just like Labrador Retrievers, GSPs are also good swimmers because of their webbed feet.

The body coat is the reddish-brown or solid liver, more like a combination of liver and white. Their average lifespan is about 12-14 years.

8. Rottweilers


Popularly known as “Rotties,” they are playful, confident, loyal, and intelligent. They are named after the town “das Rote Wil” which later evolved to Rottweil. They were originally Roman drover dogs who moved and guarded cattle and later on they were butchers’ dogs.

As industrialization increased, transportation of cattle became easier and thus slowly the Rotties were not needed by the people. Their numbers started declining but the breed lovers did not let this happen.

Now, Rotties are “working” dogs and serve in the police and military. They are highly energetic, calm, and extremely protective of their family members. They are social animals and friendly companions, and their average lifespan is about 8-10 years.

7. Beagles


Beagles are unique and popular because of their long ears and are known for being perfect family pets. Originally, they were bred as scent hounds, i.e., to hunt in packs. They are incredible hunting dogs and loyal pets having attractive brown eyes with “cute pleading expressions.

They are lovable, friendly, and merry companions. Beagles are of great help in airports and they help in finding food in passenger’s bags and this team of Beagles is called “The Beagle Brigade.”

The name comes from a French word, “begueule” meaning, “gaped throat”. Beagles are known to have three distinct voices- a bark, a howl, and a bay (while hunting). They love being around others and get offended if left alone and often make a howl. Their average lifespan is about 12-15 years.

6. Poodles


Known for their elegant and attractive looks, Poodles is also the national dog of France. Though they come from Germany and even the name comes from a German word “pudel” or “pudelin”. They were originally bred to be “water retrievers” and they had and still now have the special skill to bring back ducks or other birds back to their owners.

They represent royalty and are extremely active as they are fond of activities like swimming, jogging, and fetching. Not only this, they are highly intelligent, have powerful noses, and make great service dogs.

They are known to be therapy dogs and guide dogs. Poodles even help people suffering from physical disabilities. Despite their fashion, they are even given a stylish hairstyle that will protect the poodle from cold waters.

There are three known sizes of the breed- tiny Toy Poodle, which grows up to 10 inches tall, Miniature Poodlewhich grows up to 11 to 15 inches tall, Standard Poodle, which grows up to 15 to 22 inches tall.  Their average lifespan is about 12-15 years.

5. Bulldogs


They are also known as English Bulldog or the British Bulldog because they come from England. Originally the bulldogs were bred to compete in a blood sport called Bull baiting. In this sport, the bulldogs, sacrificing their lives, used to attempt to bite the bull’s nose due to which they were thrown into the air by the bull.

After the banning of this violent sport, people didn’t see the need to have bulldogs anymore, and thus their numbers started declining. But the breed lovers saved them.

However, today they are one of the most beloved and courageous dogs all around the world. They have a ferocious appearance but are one of the most friendly and kindest dogs.

Surprisingly, there are many American Universities and sports teams that use bulldogs as their mascot because they represent courage, and their average lifespan is about 8-10 years. There are many renowned celebrities who own bulldogs and even the presidents, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, each owned a bulldog.

4. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular choice breeds among Americans. They come from Scotland and are rare breeds of great beauty. They got the name after their lustrous golden body coat.

They are playful but are also extremely serious workers. They have characteristics like obedience, loyalty, intelligence, and friendliness. They are also protective of their family members and are great with children.

They are good at hunting and fieldwork and thus they need lots of exercise and activities like jogging, swimming, and fetching. Thus, they are natural athletes.

Golden Retrievers are hardworking and even help in search and rescue. Research has shown that they have the ability to calm people and even help people suffering from depression as they are therapy dogs. Their average lifespan is about 10-12 years.

3. German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dogs are muscular, highly intelligent, all-purpose workers and represent dogs of noble character. The sense of smell in German Shepherd Dogs is extremely incredible and is the best among the dog breeds. For this reason, they are trained and used for police detection work.

They are smart, courageous, loyal, and can stand high up to 26 inches. They are known for their obedience as they can learn commands for many tasks. GSDs are very protective of the people they live with or their loved ones and they excel in any task given to them.

They also go by the name of “Alsatian” and are highly energetic. If not involved in exercise or activities, they get bored and express their frustration by barking or chewing. Their average lifespan is about 9-13 years.

2. French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs take 2nd spots beating German Shepherd Dog and Golden Retrievers. They have roots in England as they were created to be miniature Bulldog.

Also known as “Frenchie,” they are extremely smart, friendly, and playful but also alert. That is why they are excellent watchdogs and can be trained easily.

They get quite offended if you scold them as they are sensitive breeds. They resemble bulldogs but the bulldogs have large and erect ‘bat ears. They don’t bark much but it has been seen that they are too talkative.

They have large, square heads and cannot swim because of their compact muscular body. They get along with families and children quickly and even become possessive of their family members in front of other dogs. Their average lifespan is 10-14 years.

1. Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Being the most favorite breed of people in America, Labrador Retriever tops the list for the 3 decades in a row. They have webbed toes which help in speedy swimming. Moreover, they were bred by the fishermen to help pull ropes between boats and to bring nets.

They have a short, thick coat on top of a water-resistant layer coat. This two-layer coat helps them from escaping cold and hot weather. Their average lifespan is 10-12 years and they are found in all three colors- black, brown, and yellow.

They come from Newfoundland (Canada) but some people think they come from Labrador, as the name might suggest. They are extremely fast, energetic and are one of the most intelligent breeds who are also easy to train. They also have powerful noses and have been trained to detect early stages of cancer by just sniffing.

There are the other breeds of dogs as well who are popular and are amazing in their own ways, but the above 10 tops the list. Each breed is unique in its own way and people must take care of them as they are the best companions one can find.

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