Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America You Never Knew

In this human life, people should do different tasks in different stages of their life. Doing a job to build their economy is one of them. However, these jobs have risks in different ways. Here in this article, I’m looking forward to explaining the ‘Most dangerous jobs in 2020!’ Yes, the jobs are dangerous.

Have you ever heard people complaining about their job?

Well, I have many times, especially from the 9 to 5 workers. Jobs are always hectic, and sometimes they will not let us have a good sleep. But, when you are working in the slots of logging, trucking, fishing, and other such dangerous jobs, it is just like you are always dealing with fatal injuries or death.

Every day people are working by putting their life at risk, and most of the jobs make people go through many challenges that may bring emotional, physical, and even mental breakdown. Some jobs can even make them die in the process, whether they drive a truck, fly a plane, collect garbage, or work in construction.

The dangerous jobs are rated by looking at the fatality rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) calculates a job’s fatality rate by considering the number of fatalities per 1,00,000 workers.

Here I am placing you with the Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America, 2021.

10. Ground Maintenance, Landscaping, and Tree Service Workers

Ground Maintenance, Landscaping, and Tree Service Workers

What they do is fertilizing the lawns, mulching the landscape beds, trimming small trees, and removing damaged or unwanted trees. They also plant flowers and trees, and water the lawns, landscapes, gardens, and maintain plant health. Their salary is around $35,401 per annum.

It may seem simple, but these workers are always facing challenges like heights and sharp tools. Apart from these, they also work with many small machines and tools that can be fatal if not used properly.

All these are hazardous operations and require care while performing them. The fatal injury rate is 20.2 fatalities per 1,00,000 workers.

9. Construction And Extraction Workers

Construction And Extraction Workers

These are the people who are working as carpenters, electricians, building inspectors, and people who operator construction equipment.

As all know that construction and extractions are dangerous jobs, construction and extraction workers always face many challenges while working, so safety should be the top priority. Their salary is around $35,800 per annum.

The major fatal injuries were due to falls, slips, and trips. The fatal injury rate is 21 fatalities per 1,00,000 workers.

8. Iron and Steel Workers

Iron and Steel Workers

Iron and steel workers will raise, place, and unite steel or iron columns or girders to form structural frameworks. Their salary is around $53,650 per annum.

Ironworkers are facing many dangers while at work. You can imagine how hazardous it is to work with iron or steel beams and cranes all day. The fatal injury rate is 23.6 fatalities per 1,00,000 workers.

The main reasons for fatal injuries are falling and slipping accidents. They also face head, muscle, and burn injuries.

7. Farmers


A farmer is a person who is engaged in raising living organisms for food and agricultural activities and is also called agriculturer. The salary is around $71,160 per annum.

The fatal injury rate is 24.7 fatalities per 1,00,000 workers. Farmers are working for us from sunrise to sunset, and their work has many challenges like heat, physical demand, stress, and weather conditions.

They also work with machinery and some heavy-equipments, they also work with many chemicals which are hazardous to health. Now you might start appreciating your food by knowing that people are putting their lives at risk to grow and harvest it for you.

6. Delivery Drivers

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers will deliver the required things from place to place, and they make sure that they are meeting the needs on time. Their salary is around $29,610 per annum.

Delivery drivers deal with many challenges, like road rage and heavy traffic. And these drivers always deal with the stress of on-time delivery, heavy lifting.

Apart from these, they will have to face many challenges like bumping with other vehicles, slippery roads, heavy-vehicle driving, and weather conditions. These conditions brought the delivery driving to the sixth-most dangerous job with a fatal injury rate, 26 fatalities per 1,00,000 workers.

5. Garbage Collectors

Garbage Collectors

A garbageman or trashman is a person who collects and disposes of the refuse and recyclables. Their salary is around $42,100 per annum.

Most people may not consider garbage collection the most dangerous jobs in America, and you might have got the question, ‘Garbage collecting is a dangerous job?’ Yes, it is, and the fatal injury rate is 44.3 fatalities per 1,00,000 workers.

Most deaths occur in transportation incidents like getting struck by a garbage truck or other vehicles. However, these garbage collectors have risks health-wise too. Dangerous toxic gases emitted from the garbage can cause respiratory diseases, while bacteria and germs in the trash can cause infections that are sometimes fatal.

4. Roofers


Roofers inspect the roof to discover the problem, and then they repair it. Their salary is around $42,100 per annum.

The fatal injury rate is 51.5 fatalities per 1,00,000 workers. According to the United States Department of Labor, more than one-third of deaths from falling in residential areas are due to falls from roofs.

Apart from falling, there are many other threats, like heat-related illness (especially in hot summer).

3. Aircraft Pilots and Engineers

Aircraft Pilots and Engineers

When you ask a five-year-old kid ‘what is their ambition?’ most of them may reply that they want to become a pilot. Being a pilot may pay you well, but it is one of the most stressful jobs I have ever heard, and Even Aircraft Engineering is the same.

Pilots fly airplanes or helicopters to carry out different tasks, and the flight engineer assists the pilots with air traffic control and cabin crew communications. Their salary is around $1,21,430 per annum. Like I said earlier, being an Aircraft Pilot or Engineer pays you well.

You can think that flying is the safest way to travel. Yes, you are right! But it has a fatal injury rate, 58.9 fatalities per 1,00,000 workers. And this made flying the third-most dangerous job in the USA.

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers, and crew members, often face many challenges like crash landings, risk of collision with other flights, bad weather such as storms and rains. Meanwhile, Aircraft Pilots and Engineers mostly suffer from depression due to their mental stress.

2. Fishers And Related Fishing Workers

Fishers And Related Fishing Workers

Workers will locate fish, operate the navigational instruments, maintain other onboard equipment, stock, and store the catch. Their salary is around $36,357 per annum.

The fatal injury rate is 77.4 fatalities per 1,00,000 workers. And this makes the fishers and related fishing works stand as the second-most dangerous job in the USA.

Usually, the fishing industry looks pretty easy to work in, but it has many dangers that can lead to death awaiting. The cause of the deaths is mostly drowning. However, it has many other dangers like the collision of ships, unexpected weather, and the working staff can fall on slippery decks.

1. Logging Workers

Logging Workers

Being a Logging worker is one of the most dangerous jobs in America existing in the present. Logging workers or Loggers harvest the forests to provide the raw materials for many consumer goods and industrial products. Their salary is almost around $41,230 per annum.

The fatal injury rate is 97.6 fatalities per 1,00,000 workers. And this makes the Logging work, the most dangerous one in the USA. Loggers work in many different sets of conditions like long time working, strenuous work, and sometimes working in hazardous conditions.

Logging workers also deal with many heavy-duty power tools. Fatalities mostly occur through contact with these power tools. There is also a chance of fatality when dealing with logs.


However, all the jobs have risks, and it could be in the health sector, construction, transportation, etc. Most risks are on health, like stress, depression, and homesickness. If we analyze further, we understand that most of the above-stated jobs are lowly considered by society.

So respecting every job should be followed by every human being because the respect a person receives doesn’t depend on their salary or the type of job they are performing. All these people put their life at risk to do something rather than doing nothing.

Meanwhile, we must try our best to keep them safe physically and mentally and support them to do their tasks without discouraging them by looking down at them.  

Here we clearly understand that every job has pros and cons, and most of them are dangerous these days. Especially in 2020, the pandemic has taken this to an entirely new meaning. Now any job that takes someone outside of their home feels dangerous. Especially the frontline health workers.



My name is Jack, I am an enthusiast writer from my childhood, and I am currently working as a writer and reviewer of articles on the website. I am passionate about my work, and I love to write articles on different topics, mainly top 10 lists based articles on different topics.

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